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Online Thematic Groups

Sharing a market, sharing a commitment

Working together for Sustainable Tourism


The discussion groups are part of the Changemaker’s on-line community and the objective of these groups is to constitute tools that help with the generation of a social change.

In this opportunity the IDB/MIF from its Sustainable Tourism Cluster (STC) and Ashoka Changemakers got together to launch on-line discussion groups on different topics related to the development of sustainable tourism.  

Said topics were identified after the analysis of the initiatives – coming from the Latin America and Caribbean region – from participants to the 2009 Geotourism Challenge “People, Culture and Territory” developed by Ashoka Changemakers and National Geographic in partnership with the BID/MIF (STC).    

By means of these groups we aim to cause the exchange of experiences and discussions related to the generation of new models for the tourism sector that favor the access to finance, technology, information, global markets and to new networks required to improve the competitiveness, social use and sustainability of the tourist proposal. 


These are the five online thematic groups that we are launching:

Access to finance Online Group

This group aims to increase and improve financial products targeted towards MSMEs that wish to enhance the quality and competitiveness of their tourist product or service by applying sustainable tourism best practices and certification standards in their operations.

To join this  group click here:

Environment, Energy and Climate Change online group

This group aims to find innovative ways to involve tourism micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the conservation and sustainable use of the natural resources and attractions that their businesses depend on. To this end, the group will work to bring useful tools to the sector to enhance the participation of the global tourist market in environmental conservation efforts. 

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ICT , Media and Market Access

Technology makes it possible to connect even the most remote corners of the earth with the tourists eager to visit them. This group aims to generate and disseminate ICT solutions to help micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) gain a foothold in global markets, using the power of technology to link local supply with tourist demand.

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Social Inclusion, Youth and Training

The focus of this group is on integrating youth - and other underrepresented groups including women, migrants and the disabled - into the tourism value chain. It aims to develop innovative ways to increase access to tourism job skills training for these target beneficiary groups, with special emphasis on decreasing the rural exodus of young people and involving youth in the conservation of their cultural patrimony.

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Territory, Destination Planning and Local Communities

This group is dedicated to strengthening local capacity in destination planning  and management, looking towards bringing the different parts together to work as a whole. It focuses on territory as a space where natural and cultural patrimony, tourist attractions and local communities are interconnected.

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We would like to share with you some comments and highlights from  the past two months of online group activity.

In turn, FOMIN will take into account all the comments and knowledge generated through these online groups, aiming to promote and support the development of the sustainable tourism sector. FOMIN will also analyze and follow up on the issues and sector needs identified within these online discussions, taking this information into account for the design of future competitions.

Please continue to use this online space - it will remain active thanks to your ongoing contributions!




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Changemakers and IDB/MIF team

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