The Atlanta Falcons Youth Fitness Contest: 60 Ways to Play 60

The Atlanta Falcons Youth Fitness Contest

60 Ways to Play 60

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WHAT'S THE CHALLENGE? To reduce childhood obesity, the National Football League's Play 60 campaign encourages kids to be physically active 60 minutes a day.

Many schools need help finding innovative ways to help students meet this goal. This is why the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation is teaming up with Ashoka Changemakers to discover at least 60 imaginative ways schools can get all students engaged in daily physical activity.

ARE YOU a dancer who always organizes fellow students to practice their steps? Are you a parent witnessing the benefits of less screen time and more hours playing as a family in the park? Perhaps you're a math teacher who uses relay races as a clever learning tool, or maybe you're a school principal who has figured out ways to get middle school kids excited about signing up to get moving each day.

SHARE your ideas and working solutions with our online community and help us push physical activity to the front of the line in Georgia schools.

WINNER ANNOUNCED! One World One Rope received the most votes from the Changemakers community and will receive USD $1000. The first 20 schools located in Georgia (USA) that submitted ideas qualified for tickets to an Atlanta Falcons football game during the 2009 season, courtesy of NetMove, the official mover of the Atlanta Falcons.

Welcome Letter

Dear Changemakers Community,

The Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation and Ashoka’s Changemakers are teaming up to discover at least 60 imaginative ways schools can get all of their students engaged in physical activity.

Join us in the search for revolutionary ways to integrate regular physical activity into Georgia schools. Nominate an individual, school, or organization that you think has a winning solution for engaging all students in daily physical activity.

Enter your own imaginative innovation. Vote for your favorite entry. Comment on, discuss, and help improve each initiative.

By participating in The Atlanta Falcons Youth Fitness Contest: 60 Ways to Play 60, your ideas will receive maximum exposure, opening the doors to changes big and small.

Enter your idea today and get involved in helping Georgia kids have fun and stay fit.

Guidelines and Criteria, Prizes

A. Eligibility

The challenge is open to all individuals, schools, and organizations with innovative ideas about how to keep K-12 students physically active during the school day and to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic. (Individuals can be students, teachers or parents; schools can be public, charter, or private; organizations can include—but are not limited to—after-school programs, recreational sports leagues, universities, hospitals, etc.) We will consider all entries that:

  1. Reflect the theme of the challenge: We are searching for innovative ideas and projects that engage all K-12 students (not just those inclined to participate in athletics) in any type of physical activity that improves physical fitness during the school day.
  2. Are at the idea or early implementation stage: We are looking for new ideas or early stage projects in development. These may be new initiatives from long-established or new organizations or schools.
  3. Complete the entry form: Entries must be fully completed and submitted by the deadline of November 4, 2009
  4. Are submitted in English.

B. Assessment Criteria and Prize Eligibility

Assessment Criteria

Innovation: Is this idea or project innovative? Does it describe an original way to ensure that K-12 students regularly engage in physical activity during the school day? Does it solve the problem or remove barriers in a unique manner? Is it a breakthrough idea that integrates physical activity into the academic curriculum? This is the knock-out test. The best projects will demonstrate a unique model of change that departs from the traditional physical education model, which is failing in the state of Georgia and throughout the United States. We are looking for ideas from all over the world that could apply to Georgia schools and beyond.

Social Impact: What is the social impact of this idea or project? How does it help keep kids active and reduce childhood obesity rates in the state of Georgia and beyond? The best ideas will engage kids and demonstrate a positive impact on the local community or society at large. We are looking for ideas that lead to systemic change, healthier children and communities.

Sustainability: Could this idea be implemented and, ultimately, sustained? To achieve lasting impact, an innovation needs to be financially and environmentally sustainable. The best ideas would also have potential to be replicated so that they could have far-reaching impact.

Prizes – Early Entry Prize, Competition Prizes

Prize Eligibility

The Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation will award $1,000 to the entry that receives the most votes from the Changemakers online community. This entry can be in idea or implementation stage. It can come from anywhere in the world and is not limited to Georgia (USA).

In addition, to encourage schools within the state of Georgia (USA) to innovate, the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation will provide 10 tickets to an Atlanta Falcons home football game to representatives from the first qualifying 20 Georgia (USA) schools submitting innovative practices, a courtesy of NetMove, the official mover for the Atlanta Falcons. Schools will be eligible for the tickets if their innovation has been implemented and engages all students in physical activity, not just those who are inclined to participate. There is no preference given to organized sports.

Finally, based on its review of the submissions, the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation will consider small grants (up to $3,000 each) to a select number of schools to facilitate the adoption and implementation of the innovative practices to schools in Georgia (USA).