Zoom in on Change Photo & Images Contest

What does change look like in action? Show us—share your images in our #ZoomChange contest. 

To kick-off the new pages on our site for engagement and conversation about social change, we invite you to join in as a visual storyteller – through your high quality, compelling imagery that shows the innovation and inspiration in ideas, projects, and communities around the world. And since we’re Ashoka Changemakers, and competitions are a key part of what we do, we couldn’t resist a little friendly competition, so we’ll be giving out prizes to the favorite photos and images.

Our upgraded site, going live this May, is all about collaboration and sharing. Come join in, beginning with your best images. Then stick around to be part of the ongoing story of change through your images, participation in conversations, by exploring ideas and insights—and by taking part in the action opportunities that will allow you to amplify global movements for change.

Hover over the word cloud and find a topic to submit images about:

Here’s what you need to know about the Zoom in on Change contest:

Photos & Images: Your photos should show change happening at the moment the shutter is clicked, require no words of explanation, and illustrate an emerging trend from those Changemakers has identified (explore the word tag and the list below for topics). You can also submit creative imagery such as illustrations and composites.
ENTER: Send your original image(s) to us via only one of these social media streams by April 27, 2012. Pick a platform that is most convenient for you —keeping in mind we are using the audience’s response to pick the winners. 

CONNECT: Join our daily 30-minute quick-fire #SocEntChat on twitter April 16th through 20th at 3 p.m. EDT with other social change enthusiasts to discuss some of the emerging trends in our social change community—these chats will be on topics we are asking you to submit images about.

Winning photos will be those that by 5 p.m. EDT April 27 have received the most likes, favorites, retweets, or repins on the social media platform used to enter. So get your friends and networks to support your visual storytelling prowess!

  • All Winners: To be featured in a Huffington Post slide show, as well as on the Ashoka Changemakers site, on the relevant trend page, where it will be profiled with other content and dialoge that reaches social innovators and enthusiasts. As an added bonus, we can include a link to your site so people will know how to find you.
  • The People’s Choice Award winner will receive $100 for the photo that recieves the most likes, repins, retweets, and favorites.
  • The Best Caption Award will receive a “How to Change the World” book signed by Ashoka staff with our favorite quotes.

Photo submissions that illustrate these 10 trend topics have a better chance of winning

The future of cities—sustainable urban housing, brilliant architecture, design toward cities livable in the long term
More than medicine health care— how is health much more than medical treatment?
The future of "college" — disruptive innovation in higher education
Teaching Empathy— embracing diversity, youth as changemakers, anti-bullying, social and emotional learning
New media for effective engagement—new media that enables literacy, fluency and effective engagement
Green jobs—jobs that minimize our impact on the environment
Creative delivery of health care—New ways to deliver treatment and supplies
Citizen journalism combined with mainstream media— citizen media and mainstream media partnerships that are changing the game
Small businesses & less barriers for financing— empowered small businesses, credit and loans to small business 
Innovation in job creation - matching qualified job seekers with meaningful, sustaining work

 Disclaimer: By entering the competition, you confirm that you are the owner of the copyright to the image(s) and grant Changemakers the right to publish your image(s) and reuse them to promote social change. 




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