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Ashoka Changemakers® creates social investment opportunities for organizations, corporations, and individuals to drive meaningful and measurable social change.

Showcase your commitment to corporate social responsibility and invest in social entrepreneurship. Changemakers channels corporate philanthropy, grants, and microfinance into social investment and social enterprise opportunities.

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How We Add Value
Raise Awareness of Your Goals
Changemakers challenges offer a unique opportunity to raise awareness and strengthen the global commitment to your organization’s goals. As leaders in the field, we provide the most comprehensive mechanism to surface viable, yet undiscovered, ideas from around the world.
Find Undiscovered Ideas
Our platform affords partners the ability to leverage Ashoka’s more than 30 years of expertise in identifying transformative social change initiatives poised for broad success.
Mobilize Changemakers'
Worldwide Network
By partnering with Changemakers, you are mobilizing a worldwide network of members and bringing about the discovery of new investment-grade innovations for your organization and the world.
Strategic Advisory
Optimize Your Philanthropic and Social Change Strategy
The Changemakers Knowledge Team offers advisory services that help our partners refine their philanthropic and social change strategy and identify innovative ways to create deep and meaningful impact in the world.
Unique Innovation Discovery Process
Using our unique discovery process, we guide partners on a journey that leads to new ideas and strategies for growing global communities of social innovators.
Bottom-Line-Focused Social Change
Our knowledge products and services combine bottom-line business interests with significant social good.
Community Challenges Platform
Launch a Challenge
With your own, customized challenge, you can rally your online community around an important issue and find investment-grade solutions. You have the tools to set your call to action, openly establish and track milestones, manage the voting process, and foster meaningful relationships between innovators and investors.