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Forty-five leaders who represent the future of social change will attend the 2014 American Express Emerging Innovators Leadership Boot Camps in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico where they will receive training, mentoring from Ashoka Fellows, key thought leaders in social entrepreneurship, promotion, and opportunities for collaboration. Check back for updates about the American Express Emerging Innovators Leadership Boot Camps, including videos, podcasts, and interviews from innovators sharing what they have learned throughout the launch and growth of their organizations.



What is needed to get people to actively support environmental sustainability?

“Marketing,” says Kevin Davies, Ashoka American Express Emerging Innovator and founder of Green Start, an organization committed to reducing waste in Calgary, Canada and educating Calgarians about the impact of their personal decisions on the environment around them.

“I believe that marketing could well be the missing piece of the puzzle. I believe in marketing as a force for good.”


It’s an uncomfortable truth: people are still trapped in slavery, and not just in agriculture and manufacturing, the two sectors that may come to mind immediately. “Both the consumer and industry need to think beyond the tag,” said Arati Sureddi, Ashoka American Express Emerging Innovator and founder of LOTUS Alliance, an organization committed to cutting across sectors to fight human trafficking.


Game-changing ideas don’t happen in a bubble. They’re formed by an acute awareness and in-depth understanding of what real people are experiencing in their everyday lives.

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