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Social Technopreneurs: A New Generation of Innovators

A new generation of tech innovators is bursting onto the scene of social entrepreneurship. Inspired by the potential of technology to improve people’s lives, this new crop of changemakers (don’t call them millennials) is creating, repurposing, and adapting tech in new ways to solve critical challenges. Many of them draw a deep sense of purpose from their communities.

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How Yoga has Become a Force for Social Inclusion in Kenya

By Meera Patel, Operations Associate at Ashoka UK. You can follow Meera on Twitter. Keep an eye out for more within this series by following Ashoka UK and Virgin Unite on Twitter, using the #AfricaYouthFwd hashtag. 
On December 30th 2007, President Mwai Kibaki was once again sworn in as President of Kenya, despite the claims to victory of his rival: Raila Odinga.
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Storify: How Innovators are Creating Solutions to Youth Employment in Africa

Young people are striving to create solutions to the soaring rates of youth unemployment in Africa and to move #Africayouthfwd. Find out what the people creating solutions have to say from their gathering in Cape town, South Africa.

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The Future Forward team is made up of global content contributors focused on creating and curating content to support an on-going conversation about youth employment in Sub-Saharan Africa.


If you have a story that speaks to the challenges and/or solutions to youth employment in Africa, we’d love to hear from you! Please submit your stories in 350-500 words to

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Vencedores Anunciados: Conheça essas três soluções que geram inclusão e maiores oportunidades educacionais!

Identificar inovações que utilizem a tecnologia como ferramenta para uma educação mais inclusiva, capazes de quebrar barreiras de acesso à educação (formal e informal), acelerem a alfabetização digital e promovam o crescimento econômico através de processos educativos sustentáveis e democráticos – esse foi o objetivo do desafio “Tecnologia é Ponte: diminuindo distâncias na educação”, uma parceria do Instituto Embratel Claro com o Changemaker da Ashoka, que divulgou nessa quarta-feira (18) os projetos vencedores.

How Can Social Innovators Design Their Venture for the Highest Level of Impact?

"Go beyond making the problem go away for some people; instead, build a solution through which the problem becomes irrelevant" has been the guiding adage for how Ashoka selects Fellows. We have always focused on finding people who we call “systems-changing social entrepreneurs.” Bill Drayton’s most famous quote still rings true in this way: We know it’s time to move beyond the “teach a man to fish” model, and find those who will “reinvent the entire fishing industry.”

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Arthur Guinness Projects and Ashoka Changemakers Announce ‘Makers of More’ Winner

Indonesian Sign Language Dictionary & Learning Application Wins International Social Entrepreneur Challenge

Today, March 12th 2015, Arthur Guinness Projects and Ashoka announced the winner of the ‘Makers of More’ international challenge for social entrepreneurs. Indonesian based, Dreambender was selected as the overall winner from over 300 entries received from 45 countries across the world. 

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Africa's Digital Revolution with Youth at the Helm: The Source of Opportunity

Editor's Note: This article was writen by Meera Patel, Operations Associate at Ashoka UK and first appeared on
Just over 20 years ago, Robert Kaplan wrote a stark warning about the mounting strategic danger posed by an anarchic, uncontrollable, “increasing lawlessness” in West Africa.
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Feedback Labs Releases Feedback Quiz and Toolkit

(Washington, D.C.) - On March 10, Feedback Labs, a consortium of leading domestic and international organizations in the for-good sector, released the first version of its flagship product, the Feedback Toolkit.  The Toolkit helps organizations improve the way they listen to their constituents to be more responsive to the people they are trying to serve - and ultimately to improve outcomes.

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Meet the Makers of More Finalists!

Twenty-two Finalists have been selected from a pool of 40 Semi-Finalists!

“We are thrilled by the ingenuity and diversity of the solutions that were entered into the competition,” said Rob Wilson, Director at Ashoka UK. “The shortlisting committee did not have an easy job. The Finalists represent those entries that best meet the challenge’s criteria of innovation, social impact, and sustainability.”

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Trottibus est le projet gagnant du Jeu d’échange

Les Canadiens d’un océan à l’autre se sont prononcés! Nos six finalistes ont été mis en vedette lors d’une émission spéciale présentée par CBC au cours de laquelle les Canadiens étaient invités à voter pour leur solution novatrice favorite.

Trottibus a reçu le plus grand nombre de votes et recevra jusqu’à un million de dollars du gouvernement du Canada pour mettre en œuvre sa solution gagnante!

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Semi-Finalists Announced!

Ashoka Changemakers and Arthur Guinness Projects thank all who entered the Makers of More challenge for sharing their ideas for creating strong communities with more opportunities! 

An astounding number of entries were received from around the world – more than 300– and we’re proud to announce that 40 Semi-Finalists have been selected. They will go on to the next round of judging and remain eligible to win a grand prize of €30,000. Two additional runners-up will win €10,000 each. 

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Lessons from Young Innovators Addressing Employment in Africa: Two-part Media Event

“There is a great human potential, human capital and great natural resources in Africa, but for me, Africa’s greatest assets are the young people,” said United Nations Youth Envoy Ahmad Alhendawi in 2013. Alhendawi is right. Today, there are nearly 300 million people between ages 10 and 24 in sub-Saharan Africa—and there will be nearly twice as many young people in the region by mid-century.
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Les résidents des Territoires du Nord-Ouest font équipe pour la Marche vers Tuk

La Marche vers Tuk fait appel à l'esprit d'équipe et à la fierté de la communauté pour inciter les résidents des Territoires du Nord-Ouest à sortir et à être actifs malgré l'hiver

« Le maintien de la motivation constitue l'un des principaux obstacles à un mode de vie sain dans les Territoires du Nord-Ouest, notamment en hiver », explique Sheena Tremblay, coordinatrice des Communautés actives de la Northwest Territories (NWT) Recreation and Parks Association.

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Northwest Territories Residents Team Up to Walk to Tuk

Walk to Tuk taps team spirit and community pride to get NWT residents outside and active - despite the winter weather

“Staying motivated is one of the biggest challenges to leading a healthy lifestyle that we see in the Northwest Territories especially during the winter months,” said Sheena Tremblay, Active Communities Coordinator of NWT Recreation and Parks Association. 

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Vous voulez bouger 30 minutes par jour? On vous récompense pour cela.

GOODcoins mise sur la ludification pour rendre l'exercice quotidien amusant, social et gratifiant.

Il peut s'avérer difficile de rester actif, même si l'on sait que l'exercice est l'un des meilleurs moyens de prévenir le diabète et les maladies cardiaques. Désormais, une application innovante baptisée GOODcoins propose la carotte sans le bâton en récompensant ses utilisateurs pour leur comportement sain quotidien.

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Want to get moving for 30 minutes a day? There’s a reward for that.

GOODcoins taps gamification to make daily exercise fun, social, and rewarding.

Staying active can be difficult, even if we know that exercise is one of the best ways to prevent diabetes and heart disease. But now an innovative app called GOODcoins is providing the carrot without the stick by rewarding people for everyday healthy behaviors.

Gamechanging Innovations for Road Safety in India

Efforts to improve road safety took a giant leap forward with the formation of a powerful community of changemakers that is developing innovative solutions for the big road safety challenges in India. This network is moving beyond the morass of problems to identify transformative ways to invest time and money. 

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Transmettre la passion pour la danse et un mode de vie actif

L'École nationale de ballet du Canada veut que tous les Canadiens profitent des joies et des bienfaits de la danse. Depuis quatre ans, l'organisation teste avec succès Sharing Dance, une plateforme en ligne gratuite à l'intention des enseignants et des membres de la collectivité qui veulent enseigner la danse.

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Les ordonnances d'activités physiques peuvent-elles faire bouger les gens?

Ordonnance – devenir actif permet aux médecins de donner de véritables ordonnances d'exercice... et ça fonctionne

Des médecins de famille d’Edmonton et de Calgary travaillent de concert pour qu’un mode de vie actif, l'une des meilleures mesures de prévention des maladies, devienne une priorité pour tous. Le programme Ordonnance – devenir actif permet aux médecins de faire des ordonnances d'exercice et donne aux patients un accès gratuit limité à des installations de loisirs et de remise en forme.

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Can Physical Activity Prescriptions Get People Moving?

Prescription to Get Active allows doctors to write actual prescriptions for exercise—and it’s working.

Family doctors in Edmonton and Calgary are working together to make active living—one of the best preventative measures for disease—a priority for everyone. The Prescription to Get Active program makes it possible for doctors to write prescriptions for exercise and gives patients limited free access to fitness and recreational facilities.

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« L'autobus scolaire pédestre » rend l'exercice amusant, sécuritaire et simple pour les enfants

« Ça renforce nos muscles et on peut parler avec nos amis. » - Raphaël et Julia, enfants participant à l'autobus pédestre Trottibus

Au Québec, davantage d'enfants vont à l'école à pied grâce à l'autobus scolaire pédestre Trottibus, une initiative lancée par deux parents dans l'Outaouais. Le Trottibus, qui est désormais un projet officiel de la Société canadienne du cancer, vise à améliorer le bien-être physique et mental des enfants en faisant de la marche une activité amusante, sécuritaire et simple.

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Empowering School Communities to Take Charge of Healthy Living

Canada has a health crisis, but the good news is that across the country, there’s a growing excitement about solutions that will help people achieve active, healthy lifestyles. Because healthy habits are built early on in life, schools have the potential to make a big impact and are the focus of many of these new initiatives.

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Permettre aux communautés scolaires de prendre en main les modes de vie sains

Le Canada traverse une crise sanitaire, mais la bonne nouvelle, c'est que dans tout le pays, les solutions qui permettront à la population d'avoir un mode de vie sain et actif sont accueillies avec de plus en plus d'enthousiasme. Les bonnes habitudes doivent être prises à un jeune âge, c'est pourquoi les écoles peuvent avoir des répercussions importantes et constituent la cible de beaucoup de ces nouvelles initiatives.

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‘Walking School Bus’ Makes Exercise Fun, Safe, & Easy for Children

“It builds our leg muscles and we can chat with our friends.” - Raphaël and Julia, children participating in the Trottibus Walking School Bus

In Quebec, more children are walking to school, thanks to the Trottibus Walking School Bus, an initiative first launched by two parents in Outaouais. Trottibus, now an official initiative of the Canadian Cancer Society, aims to enhance the physical and mental well being of children by making walking fun, safe, and easy.

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Transforming Women’s Lives through Coffee Culture

Pamela Chng co-founded a web consultancy firm, but mid-career, she decided to launch a social business to empower disadvantaged women. Bettr Barista Coffee Academy trains women to become coffee professionals, tapping into coffee culture and the growing specialty coffee industry to help its students gain job skills and overcome significant life challenges.

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13 Winning Ideas Chosen for the ACTIVE AT SCHOOL Challenge

Healthy living is about to become easier and more fun for children across Canada. The Play Exchange’s ACTIVE AT SCHOOL Challenge has named 13 winning ideas that help students increase their levels of physical activity every day! One winner was selected from each province and territory, and each will receive $3,000 to help implement their healthy living idea in local schools.

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Les 13 Idées Gagnantes du Défi ACTIFS À L’ÉCOLE

Il sera bientôt plus facile et plus amusant pour les enfants de partout au Canada d’adopter un mode de vie sain. Dans le cadre du Défi ACTIFS À L’ÉCOLE de Jeu d’échange, on a dévoilé la liste des treize idées gagnantes qui visent à aider les élèves à accroître leur niveau d’activité physique chaque jour! Un gagnant a été choisi pour chaque province et territoire.

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Traditional Superfoods Make a Comeback

While the world’s food systems have lost 75 percent of their biodiversity in the past 100 years, scientists are now starting to recognize the vast treasure trove of genetic diversity present in traditional and wild plant varieties. Biodiversity can lead to more nutritious diets, and is also a key asset for mitigating the risks presented by climate change, according to the FAO.

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From Classroom To The Real World: How Young People In Africa Can Unlock Limitless Opportunities

“Knowledge is not only in the books — youth have many skills and talents that we should grow and expand in the real world,” he said. “People are already trying to make ends meet, so a practical education can help them survive, as well as prepare for their future.”

“Knowledge is not only in the books — youth have many skills and talents that we should grow and expand in the real world,” he said. “People are already trying to make ends meet, so a practical education can help them survive, as well as prepare for their future.”

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GOOGLE + HANGOUT: Extraordinary Culture & Technology Solutions

Join Arthur Guinness Projects and Ashoka for a live conversation on unlocking the potential of communities through cultural, art, design, and technology solutions.

The panel will be live streamed on on

16th of December at 8:00 AM EST/1:00PM GMT.

You can join the conversation on Twitter following the hashtag #MakersofMore



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You Won't Believe Who's Organizing Philly's First City-Wide Day of Play

Philadelphia will host its first city-wide day of play in the spring of 2015—organized not by city government but by 200 “play experts.” They will include young people who will design games while rallying teachers, mobilizing parents, teaming up with after-school program leaders, and encouraging their friends to take part.