Seize the Day for Change, One Minute at a Time

There are 1,440 minutes in a day; each minute we have is another opportunity for change. The 1440 Foundation was founded on the principle that we can improve the world—one person, one connection, and one minute at a time. The foundation invests in projects and programs that bring the power of self-awareness and authentic relationship skills to education, wellness, and the workplace. Ultimately, the foundation seeks to enable everyone to become a positive contributor to our world.

In the Ashoka Changemakers' empathy competition, the 1440 Foundation found a kindred spirit. The two organizations have now partnered in the competition to source bright new ideas for cultivating empathy.

Ashoka Changemakers’ Abby Chroman recently sat down to discuss empathy, technology, and how to build a movement with Scott Kriens, director and co-founder of the 1440 Foundation.

The 1440 Foundation is the sponsor of a $10,000 special focus prize for the Activating Empathy competition, which seeks to find the most innovative idea for leveraging technology and/or social media in education to advance empathy.


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