The Smallholders Farmers Rural Radio

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Egbema Road

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Obitti Community

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Imo State

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The Smallholders Farmers Rural Radio

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To reach 2.5 million smallholder farmer listeners living in remote agrarian communities of Imo State Nigeria at the first instance with appropriate and sustainable agricultural development , environmental management and daily market information derived from reliable internet sources, forums, networks and other established networks in the local Igbo Language through a rural radio known as The Smallholder Farmers Rural Radio . The information will enable them boost their agricultural productivity and income while generating participatory feedback from them through advancement through interactive radio (AIR) mobile devices, a small, rugged, solar-powered mobile device that record user voice input, and then asynchronously forward voice feedback to the radio station via an ad-hoc delay-tolerant network . Broadcast information includes techniques in crop production, livestock rearing, soil management, food safety, nutrition,HIV/AIDS and agriculture,combating malaria ,farm safety,application of fertilizers, pesticides, rainwater harvesting, treadle pumps and small scale irrigation,accessing hybrid seeds, linkages to markets, exports , finance and a question and answer service , market research, cost benefit analysis, opening bank accounts , store records keeping and business planning. This idea is innovative because for the first time it will transform smallholders from mere receivers to managers of an information system.Despite technological advances in the communication field, radio is still the most pervasive, accessible, affordable, and flexible mass medium available.In rural areas, it is the only medium that can rapidly disseminate to large and remote audiences, critical information. The absence of agricultural and market information which should boost livelihood in Imo State is alarming. Information on market prices, agricultural skills and inputs, rarely reaches 2.5million farmers in remote areas in Imo State. Without electricity television and internet are luxury.


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What will be the impact of your idea?

The beneficiaries livelihood will be changed as household incomes improves, children goes to school, healthy standard of living will be mainstreamed as household income improves together with nutrition. Food security will be strengthened, soil degradation will reduce drastically, wood resources will be conserved sustainably, livestock health will improve and livestock diseases curtailed, smallholder farmers will have advanced information on managing household health concerns and information on where and when to obtain much needed credit to purchase agricultural inputs, competence will be strengthened on where, when and how outputs can be marketed and links to international markets will be sustained as smallholders are will be able to conduct their own market researches, build better products storage facilities and become adaptable to climate change. Illiterate farmers will open and run bank accounts and keep accurate farm records. Smallholders would not make long treks to town to consult with agricultural companies, or to village squares to listen to visiting extension officers who comes once in 3 years, rather in the comfort of their homes, in their farms, in the village markets, and meetings anywhere they are they tune in to their radios listening and learning. Above all smallholder farmers for the first time will have a platform to share experiences, ask themselves questions and have immediate answers.

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The 5 man result oriented team is lead by Mr. Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu , social entrepreneur , Ashoka Fellow and Fellow YouthActionNet, rural ICT development expert. Members of the team are well experienced in radio techonologies. They are driving this norm through The Smallholders Foundation an organization synonymously using old ICT at the first instance as leading resource and innovative force in driving rural development and improving smallholders livelihoods and guided by the principles of public sector governance: accountability, transparency/openness, integrity, efficiency, effectiveness and inclusiveness , with all programs fulfilling the development criteria of relevance, impact and sustainability. The foundation received a 2007 grant support of The UNESCO International Programme for the Development of Communication for the purposes of establishing the first The Smallholders Farmers Rural Radio with the acquisition and installation of relevant studio broadcasting , field broadcasting and broadcast center equipments, training of radio presenters and management committee members. Reaching over a 100,000 listeners in from the Obiti Ohaji/Egbema broadcast centre , 65% of beneficiaries livelihood has changed dramatically hence this application is to scale up to reach 2.5 million listeners living in the entire 27 local government areas of the state based upon the impressive results generated and documented.


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How much will it cost to launch your idea?

As our strategy presently is to scale up our coverage for 2.5 million listeners it will cost us approximately $25,000 attain this goal through the purchase and installation of state of the art studio equipments , Field broadcasting equipments, Broadcast Center Equipments, solar panels, broadband Internet connection and peripherals, procure AIR devices, recruit and train additional 5 smallholder farmers radio presenters and 5 smallholder farmers as management . The Radio is self sustaining as it sells airtime through public announcements, local advertisements, greeting requests, production agreements, listener subscriptions for special services, and program sales, organization of events, production and sale of agricultural instruction manuals adopted from the radio broadcast packs and funds generated , the Internet access will also be extended to the public for use and user fees collected therein. Strict adherence is paid to financial reporting and simple accounting software installed at the radio station to assist management to keep proper financial records and to produce timely reports. Reporting is in the form of feedback on the operations of a business. This is also because without proper financial reporting, it is not possible to diagnose the business well, and forward planning becomes a major obstacle. 2 head managers 1 responsible for strategic leadership and another for financial issues are trained. They mobilize the communities about services being offered.