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Global Art Expeditions

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Tell us your idea. What makes your idea innovative?

I will lead groups of 1-5 volunteers on community development Art Expeditions, for 2- 6 weeks working within a community on specified art projects. When volunteers return to their home country they create a ‘Sister Art Project’, within their local community. This project demonstrates what the volunteer learned while abroad and continues a dialogue about what both communities can share and learn form each other.
Innovative because:
Everyone involved is empowered. Volunteers learn and teach new skills. Host communities manifest change for themselves.
Grass roots idea:The volunteers are responsible for their own travel and accommodation. The volunteer is also responsible to raise funds for the ‘Sister Project’ at home.
Using the arts to stimulate community development.
Creating hands-on experiences with local communities. Real and lasting impressions around the globe through cross cultural collaborations.
As our awareness of the inequality and injustice in the world becomes more apparent, global citizenship is necessary. We each have the power to create the change we want to see in the world.


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What is the likely impact of your idea?

Firstly, profound and life changing effects on volunteers, host communities and local communities around the world. Secondly, an artwork or building or change a space that will contain a personal story of those involved. Communities around the world, connected with a common goal, and a belief that through co-operation, understanding and motivation that we have the power to make change.
The numbers:
5 volunteers work abroad with 20-50 people. Returning home volunteers conducts another art project with 20-50 people= 100-250 people. Total directly impacted = 305. Now imagine if each volunteers home community participates with a fellow volunteers community, numbers sky rocket up to 1,000 people, all sharing ideas, promoting understanding about sustainability, culture, heritage and all coming to a deeper understanding of our differences and appreciation of our similarities across the globe.

What would it take to launch or spread your idea?

Promotion -an article in Conde Nast please!
My grassroots plan now is to utilize existing internet resources -PayPal and Facebook. I will expand my VirtueVision website, with pages dedicated to Global Art Expeditions. A brochure will provide detailed information on Global Art Expeditions and will be distributed by volunteers disseminating information about becoming involved in a Sister Project, or international projects.
Costs include: Administration, lead artist travel expense, host art project expenses, introduction /facilitation workshops.
Budget for two projects carried out over a 12 month period approx= $10,000.
I have sustained my work for the past 8 years by volunteerism and the sale of my art, also grants from local communities, government, and private donations groups. The Changemakers network is also a valuable resource for sustaining this project.

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Describe yourself as a social innovator.

I was born in England of immigrant parents, both from different countries. I live in California. I am an artist. In 2001 I traveled to Mozambique, one of the poorest war torn countries in the world. I began to think what could I do to help? What do I have to offer?
The last 8 years have been dedicated to volunteering and bringing art education to communities around the world. I taught in Mozambique, returned to San Francisco and taught ceramic for low-income families.
In Brazil I worked in the favellas of Rio. Returning to San Francisco I built a community garden with a mosaic bench.
In Uganda I taught art. My second trip there saw the renovation of an orphanage. Returning to San Francisco I produced the first ‘Sister Project’ with the Boys and Girls Club, based on pen pal letters between the two groups of kids. My next trips are to New Zealand, Ghana, and Mozambique.
Come along!

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