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2824 Folsom St.

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San Francisco

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United States

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Peace Pals Global Exchange

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The Peace Pals Global Exchange is going to partner 5,000 students in the San Francisco Bay Area with 5,000 students in Kampala, Uganda in an international exchange of personal art and messages of peace using 6 x 8 postcards. By traveling from the Bay Area, to Uganda with a team of facilitators, we deliver arts-for-peace workshops with kids from around the world. Peace Pals will allow us to 1) initiate a cross-cultural dialog between children on what it means to be peaceful 2) strengthen relations, fostering friendships, educate as well as positively influence the lives of 10,000 kids through these peace practices in the next year. Our intention to travel with this art-for-peace program from San Francisco to Africa is to empower youth, harness their voice through their words and in art, and then spread it across the globe. This project will continue and spread across six continents and between hundreds of thousands of kids in the years to come. As a team of travelers delivering art-for-peace curriculum and peace practices to people all over the world, we hope to foster a ripple of global self-awareness and cross-cultural connection between students everywhere


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What is the likely impact of your idea?

The Peace Pals Global Exchange will engender heart opening experiences for 10,000 + students in the next year and create a ripple of empowered self-worth in the lives of all participants, joy in their families, and larger communities. Teachers and travelers will spread peace by delivering the creative works of children from one part of the world to another. This project is about connection and our intention in traveling to facilitate the hands on art-for-peace workshops is to foster self-awareness, share wisdom and hope between people of differing parts of the world, and enable students to feel connected to their classroom, their school, as well as to the larger population of participants in this global initiative. The Peace Pals project will show students their capacity to positively influence the lives of another by opening their hearts and sharing their art in an authentic way.

What would it take to launch or spread your idea?

$100,000 would hit the spot for a profound year, touching 10,000 kids, publishing book of art-for-peace, initiating a documentary, and inspiring the pure joy of traveling with a team from the U.S. to Africa to spread peace among young people. $100,000 would cover printing costs, web-development, workshop facilitation, postcard printing, art supplies, documentation, photography, and the travel expenses of working in East Africa for 4 months. On going fundraising initiatives and continued project development for further global expansion of the Peace Pals Global Exchange is underway. the 2009/10 inaugural launch will set the stage for continued growth.

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Describe yourself as a social innovator.

I've lived in India for a year and travelled through Nepal for a month. While in India I worked in training and development of young professionals starting first jobs. I lived and worked in India on a meager stipend for one year and touched hundreds, if not, thousands of lives, with my love and care for their personal and professional development. When I returned from India I realized how privilidged I really am and have since devoted my life and my work to serving and support the peaceful and positive shift in consciousness on this planet at this time. I have been, and am currently working with numerous schools in the Bay Area painting uplifting messages and murals on giant canvas in a project called Banners for Peace. The prospects of travel for me, from now on, are completely in service of creating peace on this planet and strengthening community through creativity.

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