JANMA: Clean Birth Kit- A Product of AYZH


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Imagine being blessed with a child and not having access to a clean surface on which to deliver this blessing. Millions of women face this problem each year; end up with infections, often leading to death. Many such unreported health issues that haunt the lives of women.India has approximately 15 million births a year and 15% of mothers and babies die or become ill with unclean and unsterile conditions being the leading cause. Globally, 1 million mothers die
annually only due to unclean unsterile conditions at the time of childbirth.


AYZH develops modular products. JANMA is a $2 clean delivery birth kit aimed at rural clinics, hospitals, primary health care centers and midwives to deliver babies for postnatal health was launched in December 2010. In January 2012, SHISHU – an Infant Kit for newborn hygiene was launched. More products in line with JANMA and SHISHU are currently being prototyped and will be launched in subsequent years. With our products, we understand the need to complement our efforts with education, and partner with local organizations to provide capacity building training to the women in the communities we serve. For example, JANMA will help educate midwives and mothers about the importance of using sterile tools in childbirth; we have successfully lau



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