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2 days ago angela shikwambana submitted the Inspired creators innovation.
12 days ago Callysta Thony submitted the The Pathway Project Indonesia innovation.
2 weeks ago Lohrie Arruiza submitted the FareStart Industries innovation.
2 weeks ago Anastasia Siapka submitted the Code it Like a Girl innovation.
3 weeks ago Bano Fatima submitted the Weaver's Hut innovation.
6 weeks ago Narendra Murthy submitted the innovation.
6 weeks ago akiraa ps submitted the notifyu innovation.
7 weeks ago claudia avila submitted the Cadena de artesanos innovation.
7 weeks ago Thespeakpreneur Empowerment submitted the the speakpreneur concept innovation.
9 weeks ago Halima Ibrahim Abba submitted the Skills Outside School Foundation innovation.