Nomadicare:Harmonizing traditional and modern medicine for the health and cultural survival of the nomads of Mongolia.


Middlebury, Vt (home office)
44° 1' 8.7636" N, 73° 9' 46.638" W

Nomadicare harmonizes modern and traditional medicine for the health and cultural survival of the nomads of Mongolia, providing health care resources: needed laboratories for local hospitals, training for hospital staff, and health education. Nomadicare provides laboratories, basic tests, and training in their use, as well as training in traditional Mongolian treatments, enabling herders to have health care close to home. Lab equipment, doctor training, health/hygiene education & educational supplies to elementary school children are provided.


I have known Sas Carey for more than 25 years, since we worked as health care practitioners in rural Vt. I believe strongly that all people have the right to health care. I am inspired by Sas Carey's determination to make that belief come alive for nomadic people with little resources of their own. Nomadicare's work is an inspiring example of what can be accomplished through one person’s vision to harmonize the best of traditional and modern medicine to sustain an endangered culture and peoples. Sas Carey’s commitment to the nomadic people of Mongolia is a vital example of what Joseph Campbell called “following one’s bliss.” Sas's work that benefits thousands in need of health care is a model of cultures coming together for mutual benefit.



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Middlebury, Vt (home office)