TitleContributorsort iconLocationMedia/CommentsCreated
Eureka Nutritional Solutions PreviewNigeria, Osun, osogbo1/4/2013
Development Impact Bond PreviewA Aziz MahdiTanzania, Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam1/14/2013
Women's leadership audio toolkit for rural communities PreviewAaron WhiteEthiopia, Addis Ababa1 video11/20/2012
Project CEDAFEC PreviewAbayomi SOFOLAHANNigeria, Lagos1 image1/15/2013
Sipatec PreviewAdriano StellaBrasil, Paraná, Curitiba11/20/2012
Fly and Learn , Give and Take . PreviewAhmad AsyrafMalaysia, Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur1/14/2013
Tobacco Control and Smoking Cessation in rural women of Pakistan PreviewAhmer AshrafPakistan, Sindh1 comment1/16/2013
FIGHTING RURAL HOUSEHOLD POVERTY THROUGH PIGGERY PreviewAlex KyeyuneUganda, Kampala, Kampala12/22/2012
Reality Construction and Consulting PreviewAlexander BlumUnited States1 image12/25/2012
Floating Helpers PreviewAlexander BlumPanama, Bocas del Toro1 video1 image12/28/2012
The 'All-in-1' Toothbrush PreviewAmit KUnited Kingdom1/13/2013
Competition FinalistFood for Good PreviewAmy ChenUnited States, Texas, Dallas County, Dallas1 video10 images3 comments11/9/2012
Unlocking Impact Investing PreviewAna Luiza FerreiraBrazil, Pernambuco, Recife1 image10/24/2012
Boon for GSK Employees - Second Hand Goods and Property Pool (Social Intrapreneur) PreviewAnand KharloyaIndia, Maharashtra, NASIK & MUMBAI11/19/2012
Grassroots Crowdfunding PreviewAnand ShankarIndia1/14/2013
Smiling Romania PreviewAndreea MarinescuRomania, București, Bucharest2 videos1 image1/14/2013
The Quit Project PreviewAndrew BridgesUnited States, TBA1/15/2013
Hiinga Village Economy PreviewAndy Kristian AgabaUganda, Hoima, Mityana1 video8 images1/14/2013
PROPOSAL OF PICKUP AND DROP-OFF SERVICE FOR DISABLED PreviewAnith KumarIndia, Karnataka, Mysore11/26/2012
Mobile Digital Education PreviewAnkur GargIndia1 video1 comment1/13/2013
PULSE Lab PreviewAnn DuftonUnited Kingdom1 video4 comments11/23/2012
Dragon Social Responsibility PreviewAnth HartleyMalaysia, Sabah1/15/2013
Competition FinalistExpanding training to the value chain PreviewAparecida Teixeira de MoraisBrazil1 image3 comments1/17/2013
SIEMENS - "Social Responsibility @ Talents Development Program" PreviewAsafe MoraisBrasil, São Paulo, São Paulo1 video15 images1/14/2013
EnvirUP Retrofit Home Insulation System PreviewAssim IshaqueUnited Kingdom, Nottinghamshire6 images1/11/2013