TitleContributorLocationsort iconMedia/CommentsCreated
My Life PreviewSimon Borg11/8/2012
Competition FinalistThought for Food: Mobilizing the next generation to feed 9 billion people PreviewChristine Gould5 videos5 images9 comments1/15/2013
Project MOSES PreviewJoe Thomas1/15/2013
Hackidemia PreviewBogdana Rakova4 videos1 comment12/5/2012
Spread the Food PreviewBarundeb Chatterjee1 comment12/3/2012
Transparent Banking PreviewCory Hatton1/15/2013
Competition FinalistSustainable fuel solutions for aviation PreviewEmma Harvey3 videos2 images22 comments1/15/2013
Dinero Global PreviewJose Blanco1/3/2013
Re-purposing Food Waste for Good PreviewKatelin Kennedy1/15/2013
Global Employee Volunteering Program Preview1/10/2013
Movifood Touristic PreviewRafa Roque Gonzalez1 image1/5/2013
Who Owns the Brand? PreviewMarkus Vanharanta1/15/2013
Furniture for Freedom PreviewFernando DraierArgentina5 images4 comments1/30/2013
www.hoytrabajo.com.ar PreviewMatías GhirimoldiArgentina, Buenos Aires Province, Capital Federal1 video1 image11/12/2012
ECO-Live PreviewMariana AltubeArgentina, Buenos Aires Province, Vicente Lopez1 image11/23/2012
Surcos Argentinos PreviewMarcos HeydArgentina, Cordoba, Córdoba4 videos1/14/2013
ChangeLabs' Face-To-Face Interventions PreviewDominic ThurbonAustralia1 video2 comments1/15/2013
Desarrollo de aplicaciones/herramientas de colaboración en la integración a la sociedad y trabajo de personas con discapacidad PreviewGabriela BecerraBolivia, Departmento Cochabamba, Cercado1/15/2013
PROTEGER A LOS LIDERES PreviewMagin Hazael Bellott IrustaBolivia, Departmento Cochabamba, Cercado Sivingani11/26/2012
Linknow PreviewJhoney LopesBrasil1 video2 comments12/5/2012
Social School of Retail PreviewPaulo MindlinBrasil1 video2 images1/15/2013
Como vender Sustentabilidade?! PreviewThiago TeradaBrasil, Pará2 videos1 image12/28/2012
Genese Coletivo PreviewDaniel QueiroloBrasil, Paraná, Curitiba2 videos4 images11/13/2012
Sipatec PreviewAdriano StellaBrasil, Paraná, Curitiba11/20/2012
Colaboratório PreviewBrasil, Rio de Janeiro10/17/2012