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Last Update: July 25, 2013

Take part in SATISFEITO, a global movement that fights child hunger and food waste.

At a participating restaurant choose your dish in the Satisfeito version, with 2/3 of the original size for the same price. The restaurant savings will be transferred in money to the fight against child hunger.

Founded: 2012

The Problem

Did you know that while more than 800 million people are hungry (FAO), more than 1/3 of the food produced is wasted or lost? Nutrition deserves our urgent attention, especially among children. It estimated that one third of deaths of children under 5 are attributable to undernutrition (Unicef). Approximately 200 million children are unable to attain their full development potential because of stunting and micronutrient deficiency (WHO).

The Solution

At the participating restaurants customers are given the option of choosing their dish in the Satisfeito version, 1/3 smaller than the original serving (what we frequently end up leaving on the plate). When making this choice, the customer pays the same price and the monetary savings made by the restaurant (when serving the resized version) are transferred in money to organizations that fight child hunger. At (available in English, Portuguese and Spanish) restaurants may apply for the movement, customers may search for nearby restaurants and any one can see with transparency how much is being raised month-to-month at each restaurant and to which organizations these donations are going.


The UN World Food Programme – WFP (2012) estimates that the average global cost of a meal for a child in school is US$ 25 cents. Satisfeito uses this value to illustrate the impact of ordering a dish in the Satisfeito version. The minimum amount that restaurants are required to donate is 5% of the final price of the dish, but some restaurants are able to save up to 8% or even 10%. Let’s do the math: a dish costs US$ 20 and the restaurant saves 10% when serving the two-thirds portion, thus US$ 2 - the equivalent of 8 meals (considering the 25 cents/meal). Besides playing an important role in facilitating a donation process, Satisfeito shines a new light on the issue of hunger and food waste and promotes the customer engagement.


Satisfeito was launched in Dec 2012 in São Paulo, Brazil, and has already 17 participating restaurants and other 10 in implementation. In October, Satisfeito stars its international presence in Mexico, with 100 restaurants through a partnership with Fundación CMR. Ambassadors in 5 Brazilian cities act us volunteers by attracting restaurants, and raising awareness among Chefs, restaurants owners/managers, consumers and journalists. Satisfeito received a recognition letter by FAO and has been on the spot light of important media channels, and is attracting strategic partners, such as: Oxfam, TV Cultura, TimeOut SP. Today there are three beneficiary organizations: Banco de Alimentos and CREN (in São Paulo), and Seeds of Light (in South Africa). Satisfeito "spoke" at Nexus Global Youth Forum NY 2012 and at Catapulta! (Oaxaca, Mexico).

Budget: $100,000 - $250,000

Sustainability Plan

Satisfeito is supported by a multi task platform ( that is the interface with restaurants, customers and Orgs. This platform – which was the seed investment by Alana Institute - is ready to be used (and is being used) in many countries. We envision our growth through partnerships with Orgs that work towards child food security, which will receive the funds raised and, on the other hand, will attract new participants.


Nowadays there are many governmental and non-governmental initiatives in the child hunger combat. Nevertheless, there is still an opportunity for exchanging best practices and scaling up prosperous ideas, through identifying synergy and summing up efforts. There is still the challenge to engage other players in the fight against hunger and food waste. Satisfeito brings awareness about these two relevant and urgent issues and proposes the participation of citizens, the private sector of restaurants and the non-profit Organizations.

Founding Story

How many times do we go to a restaurant we order our dish and when it comes to the table we realize that it is bigger than we were expecting it to be? Then, what do we do (wondered Marcos Nisti, the founder)?... “We leave part of the food on the plate and feel sorry for wasting food, or we eat it all and feel bad for eating more than we wanted”. This situation happens to me, to you or the person sitting next to you. Doesn’t it? And while this happens, 1 in 8 people don’t have enough to eat. With this in mind, Marcos Nisti envisioned the opportunity of bridging “two ends” by preventing the waste and therefore helping raise funds for fight child hunger.

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Wed, 06/19/2013 - 14:19

Nos convidamos você a fazer parte deste movimento. Vemos várias maneiras de você participar. E você? Vê alguma maneira de contribuir para o crescimento deste movimento?