During the last decade, several African nations have seen record rates of growth placing them among the top growing economies in the world. Yet, this boom has not translated into an increase in jobs for the estimated 11 million youth who join the workforce each year. Fortunately, today’s generation of African youth is more educated, and more connected than ever before. Whilst solving the employment crisis requires collaboration involving many sectors, youth empowerment is also a key component.

Future Forward Team | 7/31/2014

We share perspectives, insights and analysis from the private, public, citizen sectors and from youth addressing the question “Whose job is youth employment in Africa?" in a series of articles produced in partnership with the Fair Observer

Future Forward Team | 7/10/2014

To become a transformational force for good, African youth must be employable.

Future Forward Team | 7/10/2014

The correlation between educational attainment and employment prospects is clear. Those with tertiary qualifications are far more likely to access the labor market, with only 12.6% unemployment among holders of diplomas and higher certificates, and only 5.2% among those who have degrees.

Future Forward Team | 7/10/2014

Editor's Note: In partnership with Fair Observer, an on-line journal that examines the deeper issues behind the news, we will explore the theme: Who is responsible for addressing youth employment in Africa? From June-September 2014, we will be developing online events and a series of articles that will gather multiple perspectives and provide a 360° analysis on the topic.

Future Forward Team | 7/7/2014
Around the world, the communities with the brightest futures create innovative opportunities for youth to build sustainable livelihoods, pursue meaningful careers and shape better realities for themselves and for those around them.
Future Forward Team | 6/20/2014

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared on Fastcoexist.com and was written by Simon Stumpf,  the Regional Director for Ashoka in East Africa.

Ever heard of an "Invisible Executive" or a "Nutrient Banker"? Those are just a few of the positions that are being created in Africa today that will drive economic development in the coming decades.

Future Forward Team | 5/9/2014
In 2040, 50% of the world's youth population will be African. Nearly half of the youth population in Africa is currently unemployed or inactive. The time is now for conversations about community-rooted innovations & solutions #AfricaYouthFwd.

Future Forward Team | 5/9/2014
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Ashoka and The MasterCard Foundation have partnered to bring the third webinar in the Future Forward series featuring youth and innovators, Ashoka Fellows selected in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation to discuss creating solutions by redefining jobs for youth in Africa.


Fred Ouko, Founder and Executive Director of Action Network for the Disabled (ANDY), Kenya

Future Forward Team | 3/18/2014
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Funeka, an ex-learner turned volunteer at ikamvayouth.org shares her story, Ikamva Youth's innovative model and its impact to date.

Future Forward Team | 2/13/2014
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