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Anonymous | 4/11/2014

Check out some Social & Business Co-Creation cases in Europe

Anonymous | 4/10/2014

Online panel: Social & Business Co-Creation 
March 27, 2014


Anonymous | 4/10/2014

In Europe, millions of people don’t have access to essential products and services. What can YOU do to address this challenge and generate big impact?


Are you a social entrepreneur or a social-mission organization?


Anonymous | 4/2/2014

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Scaling up innovation is rarely as simple as investing in a company. The best social innovations aren’t companies – rather they are social movements, coalitions co-created by businesses, social sector organisations and governments working together.

But how do you fund and scale up a movement?

Anonymous | 3/31/2014

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We are entering an Age of Complexity characterized by intensified economic unpredictability, tectonic demographic and technological shifts, and accelerating resource scarcity. Adversity has become the New Normal. When you face adversity you either throw in the towel quickly or keep on fighting the issue. But what if you could transcend this “fight-or-flight” reaction and uncover a third way that could empower you to see adversity as an opportunity for personal and collective growth? 

Anonymous | 3/24/2014

When discussing the articulation of individual versus collective interest, general interest is usually referred to as carrying a fairly obvious content. However, one soon realizes that what they believed was a solid platform for consensus is in fact the place for important misunderstandings, each party defining it in its own way. 

Anonymous | 3/19/2014

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Today, over 16% of the population of the European Union lives in poverty and does not have access to several essential products and services. But according to a recent European study from Accenture France, co-creation between the business and social sectors can enable the emergence of hybrid models that are better positioned to meet key societal needs, create new market opportunities, generate public savings and create new jobs.

Anonymous | 3/3/2014

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In 2009, in the middle of the economic crisis, Danone CEO Franck Riboud made the following statement:  “It is a common sense observation that no living organism can grow and develop in a deprived environment or a desert. It is in a company’s best interests to take good care of its economic and social environment, in one word, its ‘ecosystem.’”

Anonymous | 3/3/2014

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Last summer, Jennifer Sigler, the Chief Operating Officer at Global Giving, shared with me that her entire staff was reading the Lean Startup by Eric Ries. The idea that a senior manager of a non-profit would have all of her employees read a book about start-up strategy sounded unconventional and fresh. After our meeting, I headed straight to the local bookstore to pick up a copy and quickly realized Jennifer was onto something big.

Joseph Agoada | 3/3/2014
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