When it comes to healthy living, changing age-old habits is not always easy. Today in Canada, one in four children is overweight or obese, and less than 7% of children are physically active each day.

Andreas Souvaliotis | 8/13/2014 |


Without decisive action, today’s children could become the first generation of Canadians to have shorter life-spans than their parents. The growing twin epidemics of physical inactivity and unhealthy eating is placing the health of Canadian children at risk and threatens to be a massive driver of heart disease, stroke and soaring health costs in the future.

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada | 8/6/2014 |


How many times have you been told to exercise more, to eat a little healthier or to sleep a little longer? And how many times have you actually got out there and done it? Probably not as often as you’d like.

Jen Hanson | 7/22/2014 |


Ashoka Fellow Stephen Leafloor is creating young leaders among First Nations and Inuit communities affected by issues such as sexual abuse, suicide, depression, family violence and school desertion. Using a blend of hip-hop dance and music and traditional Inuit performance arts as a hook, he guides youth and other community members to create comprehensive networks of support and solutions to these mental health crises.

Stephen Buddha Leafloor | 7/16/2014 |


When everyone plays, everyone wins where healthy lifestyles are concerned. If we want our children to be active, there’s no room on the bench.

Pete Quevillon | 7/8/2014 |


Sports like dodgeball, track, soccer, and basketball and intermittent fitness tests have been the norm for physical education classes. 

PHE Canada | 7/1/2014 |


You’re ignited by your vision, and you feel a deep urge to make it happen. Perhaps you’re already making it happen, and you’re busy managing the manifestation of your dreams. 

Peter Mortifee | 6/26/2014 |


Can building health habits be fun? One Nunavut program is proving that good health doesn’t have to be a chore. Atii! Let’s Do It!, based in Iqaluit, has designed a creative gameshow that helps young people and families learn about making healthy eating choices and living active lifestyles.

Eric Clayton | 6/24/2014 |


“Iqaluit, and Nunavut as a whole, could use a little extra love and healing,” says Christine Lamothe, co-founder of Saimavik Studio, a wellness studio in the heart of Nunavut’s capital city.

Eric Clayton | 6/17/2014 |

38.8 million premature deaths by 2025: that is the conclusion of a recent Lancet study that evaluated the impact of the global population’s unhealthy living habits.

| 6/9/2014 |
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