“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood,” said Mister Fred Rogers, many years ago.

John Converse Townsend | 10/15/2014 |

“We’re trying to change education in a positive way, that’s the overarching goal,” said Jan von Meppen. “Basically, we’re trying to achieve that by using storytelling to put learning content into context with the real world.”

J houtney | 9/23/2014 |

You know the scene: elementary school students race out of the classroom at the sound of the school bell as the teacher tries to get in one last word.

“I won’t say it’s a Western World syndrome, but definitely there’s a huge number of children who are not very motivated to go to school and learn new topics,” said Bo Stjerne Thoms

John Converse Townsend | 9/20/2014


We recently ran a Twitter chat to discuss how learning projects with a focus on play and whole-child development can make prepare young people in Asia to succeed in the 21st century. 

Indrani Sharma | 9/5/2014

Photo courtesy of Tanoker - Ledokombo, a learning project in Indonesia that offers lessons in reading, writing, and mathematics, as well as sports, cooking, dancing, art, and music at the request of children.

J houtney | 8/21/2014

We have to change the way the next generation of children learn, think and interact with people and the environment (both built and natural).

“This world requires a new paradigm for growing up and therefore also for education,” Bill Drayton wrote last year in Stanford Social Innovation Review.

John Converse Townsend | 8/18/2014

A lot of time is spent discussing why education reform is important and why more playful learning methodologies benefit students.

John Converse Townsend | 6/27/2014

If we were honest with ourselves, we’d admit that many of our educationsystems prioritize things other than whole-child development.

“We’ve got an obsession in believing that literacy and numeracy and content acquisition are the principal objectives of school systems,”

John Converse Townsend | 6/26/2014

Education hasn’t changed that much since the days of armor-clad knights and candlelight—well before the printing press and, more recently, the internet made information a commodity. Educators lecture.

John Converse Townsend | 6/10/2014


“I think the beauty of thinking like a child … is that sometimes doing things differently and simply and with a kind of joy and triviality leads you to a really special place that as an adult you don’t get to go to very often.”

John Converse Townsend | 5/27/2014
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