The Re-imagine Learning Challenge

The Re-imagine Learning Challenge

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The entry period is closed!
Participant players, be sure to consider . Challenge Pacesetters will be announced on July 23.

$200,000 in Prizes

10 Champions of learning through play will receive a total of $200,000 from the LEGO Foundation and have their innovations presented at the 2015 LEGO Foundation IDEA Conference in Billund, Denmark.

As part of a three-year partnership with Ashoka, the LEGO Foundation has pledged more than $200,000 to challenge prizes alone. Enter today and help us learn about your vision for education in the 21st century!
Connect with us on Facebook and at @LEGOfoundation #play2learn on Twitter for the latest news about the challenge. For any other questions, email
Join a global network that's challenging the conventions of learning.
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About the Challenge

In the face of critical and complex challenges, we believe that children and young people need to better develop creativity, imaginative problem-solving, teamwork, empathy, and inspiration so they can step into leadership roles in pursuit of purpose.
Play is one of the brain’s favorite ways of learning. It allows us to practice, experiment and test how we might tackle similar challenges in the real world as we develop creative and critical skills along the way. There is also a playfulness in invention and innovation, two things we need more of in a world where solutions must outpace problems. Science proves that. Why not encourage more playful, enthusiastic learning everywhere we can?
The LEGO Foundation and Ashoka are teaming up in an effort to transform the way the world learns and you’re the most important player.
Up for the challenge?
Here’s the big incentive: everyone is a winner. As you share your ideas to help us map the landscape of innovation in education, we’ll give you personalized feedback and support to help bring your vision for change – what you’re most passionate about – to life. We’ll also welcome you into a global network of like-minded parents, educators, administrators, and social entrepreneurs—both online and on the ground—who are challenging the conventions of learning because changemaking can’t wait for future generations.
That’s not all: In November, 2014, 10 star Players will be named Champions of learning through play and will receive cash prizes totalling $200,000, as well as technical assistance and in-kind support.
This challenge has been designed to allow everyone to contribute, connect and benefit. If you're designing environments where kids and adults learn through play, whether at home, in a classroom or on a playground, we want to hear about it. So share your ideas and energy wherever you are: submit a proposal, comment in an online conversation on Twitter and Facebook, or attend one of the face-to-face meetups that we’re hosting around the world.


  • This challenge is open to all individuals, organizations, and partnerships from around the world who are using play or playful approaches to enrich learning.
  • All Players should be interested in joining a global network of change agents dedicated to re-imagine learning.
  • Players should have a specific and thoughtful idea for re-imagining learning.
  • Ideas must focus on transforming learning for children and young people using play, playful learning approaches, hands-on and minds-on strategies, or other innovative approaches.
  • Entries may be specific and well-planned: new ideas, or established strategies with proven impact.
  • Entries must be submitted in English, Spanish, Portuguese, or French. 

Benefits and Prizes for Participants

All Players will receive: 
  • A structured opportunity and audience to articulate their project or idea
  • Three pieces of native language feedback on their project description from Ashoka staff
  • Invitations to virtual Twitter chats and Google Hangout panel discussions
  • Invitations to face-to-face workshops and networking events with Ashoka teams in their region
  • Access to a network of bloggers covering the effort to re-imagine learning
  • Exposure to original LEGO Foundation research (previously private) and Ashoka’s Discovery Framework, which stems from data collected and analyzed during the competition process
  • Access to the project leaders behind the competition’s most compelling entries, along with a structured way to solicit top entrants’ feedback
  • The opportunity to suggest questions for the competition’s secondary entry process
  • Eligibility for other incentives, prizes and giveaways
2014 “Players to Watch”
Two Players who submit their project before May 21, 2014, will receive all of the above, plus: 
  • $500 cash prizes
  • private consultation sessions with LEGO Foundation and Ashoka Staff
  • exclusive opportunities to inform the construction of the competition’s supplementary entry form
  • feature stories on their work distributed through media channels like Forbes and Huffington Post
  • invitations to be  featured contributors to a Twitter chat and participate in a Google+ Hangout promoted and broadcast to the broader network of competition participants
  • early consideration for Ashoka’s Venture pipeline (the process by which Ashoka Fellows are elected).

Note: Entrants who submit their projects or ideas before May 21, 2014, are eligible to win one of two Early Entry Prizes. Being named a Player to Watch does not preclude an entrant from being named a Re-imagine Learning Challenge Champion. All entries will be evaluated based on the Changemakers criteria at the completion of the entry period.

About 40 percent of the total entry pool of Players will be named Pacesetters and will receive all of the above, plus:
  • The opportunity to network and receive feedback on their projects through structured peer exchange opportunities to cash-in on “offers” specified by peers in their initial entry form
  • Access to an exclusive semi-finalist Facebook group
  • Representation of their work and perspectives in the data collected and analyzed for a competition white paper
  • A structured opportunity to offer strategies for regional learning and education reform, and 
  • Additional feedback from Ashoka staff on their full entry form
25 to 30 selected Pacesetters will be named Pioneers and receive all of the above, plus:
  • Invitations to participate in syndicated Google+ Hangouts for competition finalists during the final evaluation period
  • Structured opportunities to motivate existing benefactors to contribute to their work
  • Access to a competition Finalist Facebook group
  • Personalized feedback from official competition judges
  • Opportunity for a structured interview with one or two competition judges during final review period
  • Consideration for Ashoka’s Venture pipeline (the process by which Ashoka Fellows are elected)
2014 LEGO Foundation Re-imagine Learning Challenge Champions
8-10 selected Pioneers will be named Re-imagine Learning Challenge Champions and receive all of the above, plus:
  • Cash prizes totalling $200,000
  • Opportunity to present their innovation at the 2015 LEGO Foundation IDEA Conference in Billund, Denmark, with the LEGO Foundation covering travel and accommodation expenses.
  • Featured representation in competition-related media coverage
  • Access to regional gatherings (where available) among practitioners in the play and learning space
  • A private meeting with a representative of the LEGO Foundation to share their idea and vision

Assessment Criteria

Champions of The Re-imagine Learning Challenge will be those that best meet the following criteria: 

  • Innovation: The best entries will be those that demonstrate a substantial difference from other initiatives in the field. Distinctiveness will be given a high ranking by the judges. Innovation does not necessarily involve inventing something entirely new. It may comprise new products or processes, as well as new applications or hybrid combinations of existing tools. Entries should describe how their solutions are driven by original, ground-breaking ideas.
  • Social Impact: Entries should describe how the innovation is able to produce universally desired learning outcomes through play. Entries should reflect an understanding of the systemic barriers within the innovation’s specific context, and should describe how the innovation impacts these barriers. The best solutions will have demonstrated impact, as well as the potential for scaling-up and replication. Entries should explain how the solution measures social impact through both quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Sustainability: Entries should have a clear plan for reaching long-term goals and securing financial backing—they should describe not only how they currently finance their work, but also how they plan to finance it in the future. They should also have a realistic time frame for implementation. The most successful entrants demonstrate that they have strong partnerships and support networks to address on-going needs, and to aid in scalability and the maintenance of a clear financial strategy. 

Deadlines and Procedures

Online competition submissions are accepted until 5 p.m. EST on June 25, 2014. At any time before this deadline, competition participants are both able and encouraged to revise their entries. There are a handful of key milestones in the challenge:

  • Challenge Launch / April 10, 2014: The challenge launches and innovators are invited to share their ideas on
  • Early Entry Deadline / May 21, 2014: Entries received by 5 p.m. EST are eligible for one of two Early Entry Prizes.
  • Announcement of the “Players to Watch” (Early Entry Prize recipients)
  • Entry Deadline / June 25, 2014: Entries, ideas or solutions submitted after 5 p.m. will not be accepted.
  • Announcement of Pacesetters & Peer Review / July 23, 2014
  • Secondary Entry Opens / August 20, 2014: Selected Pacesetters are invited to complete a secondary entry form.
  • Secondary Entry Closes / Sept. 17, 2014: Supplementary entry forms must be completed and submitted by 5 p.m. EST.
  • Pioneers Announced / Oct. 15, 2014
  • Judging and Evaluation / Oct. 15 to Nov. 4, 2014
  • Champions Announced / Nov. 5, 2014


Three Ways to Improve Your Challenge Entry

  1. Consult Changemakers Guide to Pitching.
    Consider best practices from successful past entrants. Embrace storytelling. Get detailed. 
  2. Add multimedia to your project.
    ideos are immersive. They're inspiring. And the good ones can transport people into your world. Add that dimension to your written description.  
  3. Trade Feedback and Ratings.
    It's a crowded marketplace. The best entrants understand and address the gaps in their pitches. They also describe how their work compares to or complements other leading models.  


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Katha: I Love Reading PreviewHitika AhujaIndia, Delhi, New Delhi1 comment
LEARN TO PLAY CHESS WITH LEGO PreviewRaymundo Servin Mexico, Tamaulipas, Reynosa1 image3 comments
Rivers of Meeting (Amazon) Previewdan baronBrazil, Pará, Marabá6 videos7 images
Narrativa gráfica en el desarrollo integral PreviewSherly Gonzalez PinedaColombia, Bogota D.C., Bogotá1 image2 comments
Playful Learning PreviewKjartan EideNorway, Oslo - (with offices also in Denmark, Iceland and Sweden)1 comment
School Hive PreviewDionysis GiannibasGreece2 comments
Gladiator Education and Aball1 PreviewKieran NokesNorway, Norway, England, Pakistan, DR Congo and Sierra Leone1 image
Parisar Asha PreviewIndrani SharmaIndia, Maharashtra, Mumbai1 image
Centro Referência Egressos Sistema Socioeducativo PreviewUrbano von Paumgartten Costa von Paumgartten CostaBrazil, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro1 video1 image
Youth Council for development Organisation PreviewIndrani SharmaIndia, Orissa, Boudh,Bolangir ,Sambalpur ,Sonpur and Bargarh 1 video1 image

8 Entrepreneurial Patterns for the Future of Learning

The following report, "Social Innovation Mapping: Entrepreneurial Patterns for the Future of Learning," is an invitation to join Ashoka and the LEGO foundation to help us further map the landscape of innovation. Share feedback on the report, enter the challenge, or submit a nomination to help us build a global network of parents, educators, researchers, administrators, and social entrepreneurs!




A lot of time is spent discussing why education reform is important and why more playful learning methodologies benefit students.


If we were honest with ourselves, we’d admit that many of our educationsystems prioritize things other than whole-child development.

“We’ve got an obsession in believing that literacy and numeracy and content acquisition are the principal objectives of school systems,”


Education hasn’t changed that much since the days of armor-clad knights and candlelight—well before the printing press and, more recently, the internet made information a commodity. Educators lecture.

And we would like to thank our...


Thought Partners support the Reimagine Learning Challenge through technical support and strategic partnership. This may include providing feedback to entrants, participate in moderated discussions, mobilizing the broader Reimagine Learning Network and/or other strategic support. Thought Partners and their employees are not eligible to enter the challenge. To find out more about how to become a Thought Partner, please contact us.


Network Partners are community-based organizations that use their networks to spread the word about the Reimagine Learning Challenge. They share information about the Challenge through their constituents and contacts using a variety of means, including email, social media and/or contributing to the discussion. Network Partners do not have access to the evaluation or selection process and so are eligible to enter the Challenge. To become a Network Partner, please contact us.
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