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Last Update: June 10, 2013

Founded to address a dearth of innovation to solve persistent Social Sector challenges in the Hartford, CT region, CountMeIn!Hartford is an idea incubator envisioning a vibrant Capital City where great ideas that advance the region and its residents are developed, vetted and implemented.

Founded: 2012 Type: citizen sector

The Problem

The Hartford region is recognized among the wealthiest and best educated in the country. The city of Hartford itself ranks as one of the nation’s poorest cities. Therefore, an opportunity exists to engage the resources of the region to solve persistent social sector challenges.

The Solution

CountMeIn!Hartford is an Idea Incubator which engages idea leaders in the region and provides resources and support to help them realize their civic vision. The CountMeIn!Hartford mission is to inspire, assist and light the entrepreneurial spirit in passionate people so that they successfully discover and ultimately realize their civic vision. We do this by hosting conversations where opportunities and solutions are raised inspiring passion in participants.  Once that fire is lit, we are a forum that acts as a sounding board and incubator to flesh out plans and next steps. 

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