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Last Update: November 1, 2013

In India, 68% of households cook on mud stoves with solid biomass fuels, emitting unhealthy, climate-warming smoke & worsening deforestation. Our Greenway Smart Stove burns the same fuel but cuts smoke by 70% & fuel use by 65%, making cooking safe and cleaner & better for the environment.

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The Problem

Cooking with biomass fuels on traditional mud stoves is the #1 health risk in South Asia & the cause of 25% of the world’s black carbon emissions. This cooking method is also inconvenient and arduous, requiring the mostly female users to spend an average of 5 hours a day in a smoke-filled kitchen, constantly tending the flames. Yet there is an acute lack of products designed for these users, and for rural consumers in general.

The Solution

We believe in combining technological innovation & user co-creation to solve energy issues facing rural consumers. Our first product, the Greenway Smart Stove, is a high-efficiency cookstove that burns all biomass fuel (wood, cowdung) while reducing smoke by 70%, fuel use by 65% and GHG emissions by 1.5 tons/year. Its patent-pending design enhances airflow to the stove’s combustion chamber, adding efficiency without any moving parts or requiring any behavior change. We distribute this product through partners and existing retail distribution networks, enabling it to reach users through trusted local retail outlets and financial institutions that provide consumer financing.


Our model commences from need identification to co-creation of products to selling them through village level outlets serviced through our distribution network. Our solutions make a difference since they capture user requirements in the design phase (co-creation) wherein our design team lives with users across the communities to ascertain needs and how to solve them. Additionally we believe in making our products world class in terms of utility, quality, manufacturing to ensure customer delight.

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Market Outreach
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Market Outreach
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Tue, 12/04/2012 - 06:34

Thank you for your participation in AFI Growth Prize Competition. We have a key question for you: What is the systems-changing innovation that sets your project apart from other similar projects? What is your strategy for spreading this innovation by scaling up or replication, and how would you finance this growth?

Please post your response as comment here before Dec 15, 2012 to be considered for final evaluation.