LEBTOP (Learning English By Talking On Phone)

LEBTOP (Learning English By Talking On Phone)

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Last Update: September 19, 2012

LEBTOP (Learning English By Talking on Phone) is a service which helps people connect over phone to learn and teach English. “Dial the LEBTOP number and learn real world spoken English”. It’s Language, taught by the people, for the people.

The Problem

1) English is now the most widely used language in the world. 2) People in countries whose native language is not English find it hard to talk in English. 3) Good communication skills in English has now become vital for earning a Job, for communication and Global connection. 4) English is now the language of the world, and people need easy ways to learn English and be comfortable speaking it. Many people who are learning English, NEED an English talking PARTNER to practice with, to take guidance from, to correct them,to improve their fluency, etc… LEBTOP solves the problem of finding a PARTNER. It helps you in your journey of learning a new Language. VISION: To utilize a basic Cellphone as an powerful education device.

The Solution

To create a single Nationwide toll-free number (ex: UAN- Universal Access Number) to which people can call to Learn English on phone. As it will be difficult to handle large number of calls as many people in the country wish to learn English, we design an Innovative System. "TEACH to LEARN" system. In this system a person has to TEACH (using his existing knowledge) another person (who is relatively less knowledgeable ) so as to LEARN from other people (Who are more knowledgeable than him). Its a GIVE and TAKE system.


On calling the LEBTOP Toll free number for the first time the User will be TESTED in English skills and will be GRADED. Next time he calls, he will hear: “Hi, Press 1 to Teach, Press 2 to Learn”. Based on the users choice and his grading in the initial TEST, a talking partner would be selected and connected. Suppose a person with average English speaking skills calls. He can LEARN from Better persons and Improve his Fluency, Correctness, Vocabulary,etc.. But to keep LEARNING he has to EARN his Minutes by TEACHING people of lower levels. Thus such persons will TEACH , say Rural/Village people who have access to phones. Thus EVERYONE learns English. Scaling Up the Model, THe system becomes, Learning LANGUAGES on PHONE. Everyone can contribute by TEACHING their NATIVE LANGUAGE to other people and LEARNING a NEW LANGUAGE from other people.

Budget: $1,000 - $10,000


Our competitors are all the local spoken English institutes and softwares. LEBTOP is very different from these, as it provides a personal mentor and teaches them to speak real world English from real people.

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Atleast 50 people calling to learn English
Date of Completion 11/01/12
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Collaborating with an Education NGO to teach. Registering a Toll-free number.
Milestone 1
Atleast 50 people calling to learn English
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