Bali sustainable agriculture and green energy project

Bali sustainable agriculture and green energy project

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Last Update: June 20, 2013

Permaculture and biogas as a sustainable approach for farmer community in rural Bali, Indonesia.

Founded: 2013 Type: citizen sector

The Problem

Before it became famous as a tourist destination, Bali was once an agrarian society. The boom of tourist industry followed by influx of investment and rapid development changed it. Bali now has less farmland and more people to feed. The rising food demand and the limited knowledge about seed production made the farmers switched from local seeds to GMO seed because in short term it produces more yield but less sustainable.

The Solution

IDEP has been successful cooperating with 10 farmers located in Bangli district, since November 2011 and now wishes to replicate the cooperation with 10 more farmers in the same district, for a duration of 12 months project. IDEP trainers will assist the farmers with the set up and development of home organic gardens and with monitoring and assistance in the production of organic seeds, ensuring that seeds can be produced independently on the farms with organic practices. IDEP will then market the seed to the public through our network of outlets. Now, IDEP decided to take things one step further with providing the farmers with a biogas reactor that will turn pig and cattle manure into energy and fertiliser.


IDEP will give the farmers two cattle that they can sell when they reach maturity. The manure from the cattle will be the essential resource for biogas production. The byproduct of the biogas will then be used as a liquid fertiliser for the home garden where the farmers grow the vegetables and food for their consumption and produce the seed that will be marketed by IDEP. The solid waste can also be processed into a fish food.


Those activities will not only generate an income for the farmer (from the seed) but will also cut their expenses for fertiliser and gas, possibly also energy if a generator that can convert gas to electricity is installed.

Budget: $50,000 - $100,000

Sustainability Plan

To ensure the sustainability of a project, we do a community capacity building. For both the biogas reactor and agriculture, we work closely with local community such as construction worker and involving the farmer in construction process to ensure the knowledge is transfered to them. Furthermore, we also train some farmers to make them qualified as a permaculture trainer. Those activities ensure that the knowledge needed is available locally.

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