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Last Update: May 18, 2014

Founded: 2013 Type: hybrid

The Problem

Europeans generate on average more than 500 kilograms of waste per year per person. The 60% of which is food and plant rubbish, according to EU figures, which can be therefore recycled. According to the latest data available, an overall rise in amounts of waste in the EU According to the European Environment Agency (EEA, 2008), Europe generates 1.8 billion tonnes/year of waste, 40 million of which are noxious substances. The EU aims to stabilise

The Solution

Organery aims to solve the issue of waste management in urban and high-populated areas. This includes the placement of a new type of high-tech bin, which will cover the organic waste production of each family or neighborhood. The bin will recognize the organic nature of the input(liquid or solid) and conduct a form of a complete compost process for the organic part of waste automaticly, in communication with the cloud. This will contribute to the significant decrease of the cost of waste collection and management.


Organery’s main product is an intelligent neighborhood composter model, which adapts to the need of each user and is suitable for installation in outdoor and public areas (hotels, neighborhoods, apartment buildings). The technology is designed to provide the total control process at each stage with modern and smart electronic systems. What makes this project extraordinary, is related to the element of multiple benefits towards its participants through a gamification method, which includes publishing of the final figures. Imagine to win points (equal to 30% discount) to super market, after throwing the daily food waste into an Organery bin.


This project aims to solve one of the worlds biggest problem, in a smart and efficient way. We nominated by tedxAcademy as the project that will impact more than 1m Greek citizens. In economical terms, we will return back to every municipality value more than 1m per year. At the same time we will minimize the volume of organic waste, reduce the hazard level of overall wastes and massively educate the citizens to recycle.

Budget: $50,000 - $100,000

Financial Sources

Friends and family, Individuals, Other

Sustainability Plan

It is a viable volution for citizens, companies and municipalities. We generate value for all our clients, parallel with the protection of the environment. Although the needed seed capital is higher than typical web/mobile startup, and the breakeven point will covered after the first working year.


The only extend smart waste management bin's grid exist in london, but only for papers. We are in the field of organic wastes, which is much more broader. There is a huge gap for organic waste. Right now some familiar solutions are developing in waste companies of Silicon Valley, but with different technology. It is important to note, that we are not competing the other existing waste management systems, it could established in parallel, as a more efficient solution.

Founding Story

We found in 2013. As closed friends and co-workers we work hard and unite to make this project happen.

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