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Prolipsis - Mobile Application

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Last Update: July 11, 2014

Prolipsis is an application for smartphones promoting prevention as a means for a healthier and a safer life both in personal and social level

Founded: 2013 Type: hybrid

The Problem

The unfolding financial crisis in Greece has taken its toll on the field of public health and social solidarity. Public health expenditure as well as prevention and treatment action plans and programs faced large cuts during economic hardship. How do we meet the needs of preventing diseases, prolonging life and promoting health in an environment burdened with adversities and disparities, in a personal and daily basis?

The Solution

A cost effective answer to the aforementioned question is “Prolipsis” mobile application. In accordance with the high market penetration rates of smartphones in Greece, Prolipsis aims at raising awareness with respect to prevention and solidarity. Its twofold mission is established in two fundamental principles a) promoting public health through direct medical information and organization of a mobile personal medical record b) enhancing social solidarity by transforming smartphone owners and app users into volunteers.


Mrs. Maria disappears in the Petroupoli region. Mrs. Maria suffers from dementia and her life is in serious danger. If not found during the first three days chances to find her dead exceed 90 % . Kostas, user of “Prolipsis” receives push notification message of Mrs. Maria’s disappearance. By opening the application he sees all the necessary information about the disappearance (photo, area of disappearance , clothes ). Mrs. Maria is lucky enough that Kostas is located in the area of her disappearance, he recognizes her and informs the authorities. Ms. Maria returns to her family. Kostas just saved her life.


Prolipsis was awarded the 1st Prize in Medical & Health Category AppWARDS 2013 (cross-platform awards for smartphones, tablets and smart-TV’s), organized by Twilight Zone Publications and Intelligent Media Lab IML – ELTRUN, Athens University of Economics and Business. Over 20.000 people have already made a link with us via social media. 7.500 people have already downloaded Prolipsis from 20 different countries. Prolipsis is connected with two major organizations for missing children and elderly in Greece, that is the Smile of the Child (Amber Alert), and Life Line Hellas (Silver alert). Prolipsis is the unique mobile application for missing persons worldwide.

Full Impact Potential

Prolipsis concern all smartphone users and as such it aspires to form a paradigm shift from treatment to prevention, a tool for personal health management. Moreover, as the sole provider of immediate information, through push notification, about missing persons in Greece, it seeks to deploy its full potential by becoming a global network for the transmission and dissemination of this kind of information.

Financial Sources

Individuals, Businesses, Regional government, Clients

Sustainability Plan

We are trying to increase steadily the rate of Prolipsis downloading. That is, to reach a high number of single users of the full version of Prolipsis, by utilizing social media marketing tools. Subsequently, an enticive perspective is to, gradually, sell advertising space to pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore,we are forming a complementary (to the single user) strategy of multiple users in the shape of one buyer (regional government).


So far a mobile application combining awareness raising in health issues or missing persons does not exist in Greece. Especially, with respect to the last one there is none in the application market, globally.

Founding Story

Public attitudes and state funding towards health issues focus on treatment, more than prevention, as the EU White Book points out. We were facing the same reality through our every day practice as executives in the pharmaceutical industry. In 2013, we decided to start our own medical portal, and at the same period of time we created Prolipsis, in order to exploit the benefits of immediate and exact medical information.

Team Explanation

Nikos Efthimiadis and Theodosiopoulos Vassilis are the founders of Medical TV and Prolipsis. Along with the support of software developers and affiliated partners are running the project.

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