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Last Update: June 6, 2014

Psy-Diktyo is a growing network of highly qualified & experienced psychologists in private practice, who are located all around Attiki and offer low cost counselling and psychotherapy to financially disadvantaged adults, children and adolescents, couples and families at their nearest location.

Founded: 2013

The Problem

Since 2008 and as a result of the financial crisis, there has been a dramatic increase in the need for counselling especially for people who have experienced significant reductions in their salaries and/or have lost their jobs. Although these people and their families need support, access to counselling services has been restricted either due to their high cost in the private sector, or due to lack of sufficient services in the NHS

The Solution

By emphasising social values and solidarity contrary to common profit making oriented attitudes, Psy-Diktyo combinines the flexibility and quality of the private sector with the low cost of the public sector in order to make counselling accessible to all. Psy-Diktyo seeks to create a network of professionals in private practice which: - will include psychologists of various specialisations in order to cover the needs of different age and client groups,- will be broad enough to cover all areas of Greece, - will ensure the cooperation of highly qualified and experienced professionals- so that its services would not only be low cost but also of high quality


Manos is 45 year old man, father of 2 young boys. Two years ago he lost his wife from cancer, and a year later he lost his job. Since then he has been unemployed, deeply depressed and struggles to raise his children with the help of his mother in law. He was in desperate need for counselling and Psy-Diktyo was the only available source of support. Considering the major losses the family has undergone within the last few years, we offered individual and family counselling to all members so as to support them in this mourning and adjustment process. Manos is gradually becoming more motivated and empowered to start looking for a job and he spends more quality time with his children.


Psy-Diktyo has been officially operating since February 2013 and within a year -Has offered its services to 75 clients , 71% of them being female and 29% male, with an age range between 8 to 76 years old. This translates to an average of 1200 low cost counselling hours from our associates. -Is continously expanding and currently consists of 27 mental health professionals located in 22 different areas of Attiki, thus the amount of counselling hours offered is continuously increasing -Offers skype sessions to clients living in the province who do not have access to low cost services On the basis of the current growth rate and financial means, Psy-Diktyo could triple the number of clients who could receive services within a period of approximately one year.

Full Impact Potential

Psy-Diktyo can scale rapidly since we receive cvs from professionals all over Greece who want to become associates. Targets for next year involve: -expansion to cover the rest of Attiki areas -establishment of our services in Crete- Targets for the next 5 years involve -establishment of our services all over Greece. Psy-Diktyo can be in any area of Greece where there is an associate. Other areas of expansion: Organisation of low cost seminars &workshops addressed to professionals or lay persons. -Provision of placements to trainees and low cost supervision to mental health practinioners.

Budget: $1,000 - $10,000

Financial Sources


Sustainability Plan

The first step towards Psy-Diktyo''s financial sustainability is its transformation from being a network of independent professionals in private practice to an organisation. Becoming an organisation Psy-Diktyo will charge associates a registration and yearly fee and will organise and charge for workshops and seminars open to the public and other professionals.Profits from these activities will be used to expand Psy-Diktyo services all over Greece


Currently there is no other network of psychologists that offers low cost counselling for adults, children and adolescents, couples and families at several locations

Founding Story

Having experienced the dramatic consequences of the financial crisis on the mental health condition of her own patients, and being sensitive to the devastating societal changes that took place, Dr. Papazoglou felt that us psychologists must find a way, through our own position and means to respond to this multidimensional crisis. As a result, in September 2012 she gathered a few trusted colleagues and the first meeting of what was later to become Psy-Diktyo took place. In that meeting, we envisioned a network of highly qualified and experienced mental health professionals, of various specialisations who would offer low cost counselling in their own consulting rooms at various locations all over Greece.

Team Explanation

Founding Members: -Vicky Koumpou, Ba : peer group co-ordinator -Anna Kourti, PostMa, MSc, Ba :website manager, -Foteini Mavromati, PostMa, MSc, Ba: online advertising -Tania Bageri, PostMa, MSc, Ba: strategic planning -Ioulia Papazoglou, Phd, MSc, Ba :associates' supervisor -Margarita Peteinaki, DPsych, PostMa, MSc, Ba: social media Associates: 27 mental health professionals.



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