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Last Update: September 18, 2014

Tanoker Ledokombo is using Egrang (traditional stilt) as an entry point to introduce various values and skills that will equip kids towards a better future. Egrang is a metaphor - how the confidence cultivated in walking the stilt applied also in walking the path of kids’ life toward their dreams.

Founded: 2009 Type: citizen sector

The Problem

In Ledokombo, a poor, remote village in East Java, poverty has forced most parents to go overseas and work as unskilled migrant workers. As a result, the kids grow up as “social orphans,” lacking care and attention, spending their time on playstation and watching TV or roaming around. The community, a majority of whom are ethnic Madurese (heavily stigmatized as lazy, stubborn, selfish) is drowning in apathy lacking spirit to change the condition.

The Solution

We believe in kids as agents of change, capable of initiate positive social transformation when they are given the opportunity and space. We use Egrang (traditional stilt) and traditional games as an entry point to introduce various values and skills that will equip them towards a better future for themselves and their community. We also embrace schools around our base camp and parents/ caregiver to communicate the importance of play. Playing egrang together gives kids a mean to express themselves and an opportunity to discuss issues and learn together. In our healthy playing environment, they are also motivated to explore skills in fields as diverse as art, ICT, language, and other areas (academic and non-academic).


We started by introducing egrang (stilt) as weekend play activity for kids, followed by bi-monthly city tour – public performance showcasing the kids’ talent. Here confidence, leadership, teamwork, and creativity grow. We then organize annual egrang festival – a community stilt performance competition event. As the judges, we invite people of different ethnicity, religion, origin, to create people-to-people contact. The kids are introduced to “the world” and the world becomes aware of this village. Empathy & tolerance grow. Along the way, kids also realize the importance of learning various skills. We responded by facilitating a weekly learning group offering courses in English, math, theatre/ literature, computer skills, etc.


The kids’ creativity sparked hope in the community to rise from the condition. Egrang has emerged as an icon of Ledokombo Village. From 6000 visitors in 2010, we have doubled the number to 12000 in 2013 (including individual/family, school teachers, students, NGO group, and foreign volunteers). Local economy started to grow, in form of souvenir business, local culinary, homestay, etc. The kids proved that playing is not “just for fun” through achievements in local, national, and international events (e.g. representing East Java in Indonesia's Got Talent show). They learned various skills. Most importantly, they learn to understand difference, express themselves, and remain open minded. E.g. when a volunteer said that he had no religion, the kids from strong Islamic background, sought to understand the statement without judging or cutting off interaction.

Full Impact Potential

We’ve seen how the long lost traditional play, egrang have become an icon. We expect this kind of initiative to enter the curriculum as extracurricular activity. Starting from Ledokombo and then to Jember District, and then provincial and national level. We saw the potential as we noted how the first egrang festival with participants from Ledokombo area has grown, and on its fifth has gained participants from a number of cities in Java.

Budget: $10,000 - $50,000

Financial Sources

Friends and family, Individuals, Foundations, Businesses, Regional government, National government

Sustainability Plan

Tanoker is initiating a number of business units, among which: Facilitation of souvenir/ craft marketing, produced by parents of the kids Event organizer, organizing guest visits, seminars, schools outbound activity Currently starting organic farming and café.


In Ledokombo itself, there are no organizations that provide the sort of out-of-school support that we provide. Commercial playground/ outbound area with modern games can be found everywhere. The difference of our base camp is how we use traditional play/ games as base, how we serve local kids non-commercially, and how local kids can be the organizer of our outbound facility in any collaboration with external users.

Founding Story

Tanoker Ledokombo is founded in 2009 by local youth. It started when a kid asked his father, “Dad, what were you playing with as a kid?” The father described his childhood play (e.g. gobak sodor/ cartwheel, kelereng/ marbles) that might have been extinct since the 70’s. “When it was rainy season, I used to make my own egrang (stilt),” said the father, who then crafted 3 pairs of egrang for the kids. From here, more and more children gathered, played, and came up with egrang dance. Then we started some small egrang festivals, which later became icon of Ledokombo village. Thus, we use egrang to introduce values, and above all sparking hope among kids that they can change their village, despite the poverty and negative stereotypes.

Team Explanation

Chairman: Dr. Ir. Suporahardjo M.Si Secretary: Amalia Ratih Insani; Treasurer: Muhammad Ali; Finance: Yulianto, Wahid Culture & Education: Ayu Cahyaning; Outbound: Misnan Riayanto; Event Organizer: Irawati Nissa; Sunday program: Subairi; Research: Sisilia Velayati; Organic farming: Bagus Dwi Y; Logistic: Baisuni; Public relation: Farha Ciciek; Home stay: Nur Aini M.; Souvenir: Sutopo; Music/ Choreography: Mokhsa; Traditional Dance: Nia Udzma

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Timlynn Babitsky profile img
Thu, 06/05/2014 - 12:07

Congratulations on being named a #Play2Learn Player to Watch! Your project is great. Best of luck for continued success!

Tanoker Ledokombo profile img
Mon, 06/23/2014 - 09:37

Thank you, Timlynn. Greeting from Indonesia. We appreciate it

Wed, 06/11/2014 - 04:06

This is interesting, i commend the efforts. Wish you good luck for more

Timlynn Babitsky profile img
Mon, 06/23/2014 - 12:10

Thanks so much Christopher. I truly believe that we can change the world -- one project at a time! Thank you for your kind comments.