Freshman Inventors

mark viau's picture“Deja (15) & Canyon Viau “view” (12)  siblings. What they don’t teach in school!  Kids who are proven Entrepreneurs mentoring new/young inventors to get their products to marketCompetition each week, winner gets cash, patent (no cash up front “patents” in many instances to submitters), commercialization opportunity (with our Corporate partners, ½ Billion Dollar companies)Multiple revenue sources to include, product sales, product placement, branding2. What gave you the idea for the show?Deja and Canyon have been really creative for since they were 11 and 9 years old.  Their single Dad, Mark a former FBI Agent turned Entrepreneur, has done everything to foster their creativity.  Deja and Canyon are always involved in projects with a high Social Value.3. Will it be as cut throat as Shark Tank?Never!!  We are taking the high road and will not be as unfriendly as Shark Tank.  A place where younger people can feel comfortable, safe and  mentored by Deja and Canyon and other guest hosts.We actually know where the bodies are buried at Shark Tank! 



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