The next generation of social networking

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The next generation of social networking

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Social networking is not necessarily about what you do with friends. In many ways, the more essential core of social networking is our impulse to grow our networks by connecting to new people, new resources and new opportunities. The online social networks available in today’s world only allow people to connect with friends and others who work, study and live around them, and on a long-term basis. In the real world, however, we communicate not only with people we know, but also with people with whom we are not acquainted when we have a common purpose. The connection could just last a few minutes or grow into a long-term relationship. The mobile application proposed here aims to give users the ability to connect with every member of the community and who shares a common purpose.

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The product has endless possibilities and can be utilized to its best based on individual’s specific needs. There will be two ways to navigate through the app 1) Google map or similar and 2)Directory listing. In Google map view, users can see friends and other people connected to the app. They can see people around them or at any place of interest which could be a specific locality, school, office or elsewhere. You can tap on a person to make a phone call, video call or text message. The Directory view will purely have business listings. You can select a specific business category and see the list of businesses and service providers in the chosen business category. You can also switch to map view to see their locations on the map and choose to contact the business in your region or a specific region. The app will always run in the background and use GPS data to trace the current geolocation of the people connected to the community.
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Case 1: Seeking information from anyone You can contact anyone running the app and ask for location-specific information such as weather, road traffic or opinion about a local places. Thus you get the information from wherever you are without the need to personally visit that location. To encourage people to respond to the incoming calls, we plan to give points to users that respond to a call but not necessarily they provide useful information to the caller. People can use the points earned to connect others when needed. After every call, we could optionally ask the caller to rate the response and tell us if the information was helpful or inaccurate. The points will be awarded to the respondent in accordance to the feedback. Case 2: Friends lookup You can create different contact groups and remotely see how many of them have turned up for an event that you all had planned. If you are in the city center, see how many of your friends are around you. Tap anyone and speak to the person instantly. Who knows you friend could be just a stone’s throw away. Case 3: Business lookup Are you on a shopping trip and not able to find the stuff you are looking for. Check out the business or product listing in the app and find relevant stores around you. Unlike other business directories or call services, the app will only show the listings that are active and up-to-date.