Who Are the Early Entry Prize Winners?

Who Are the Early Entry Prize Winners?

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General Electric and Ashoka Changemakers launched the Women Powering Work competition on August 21, 2013, to source the most innovative solutions working to advance economic opportunities for women in Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and Pakistan.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the Early Entry Prize winners of the Women Powering Work: Innovations for Economic Equality competition: Women’s Digital League and Roudha Center.

In, many countries, more women attend university than men. However, there is a disproportionate number of women that participate in the workforce—half the rate of the global average. An economically equivalent economy allows for and encourages both men and women to excel in their livelihoods, by having equal access to quality jobs, skills training and capital, limitations on mobility, and avoid discrimination in the workplace.

These entries were evaluated per the Ashoka Changemakers criteria -- innovation, social impact, and operational sustainability -- as the best competition entries submitted at or before the October 3rd, 2013 early-entry deadline.

Women’s Digital League: celebrating the strength, courage and talent of Pakistani women one digital task at a time.

Roudha Center: a unique non-governmental and not-for-profit organization in Qatar that fosters and nurtures women entrepreneurs.

 “The Women Powering Work Early Entry Prize winners embody a growing shift to enable women to participate fully in the economy, and to develop their talents and careers within society,” said the Director of Citizenship at General Electric, Kimberly Hessler. “GE is committed to women’s economic equality and is excited to have the opportunity to invest in these solutions.”

The Women Powering Work competition will accept entries up until the close of the entry period on November 6, 2013, 5pm EST. The initiative seeks social entrepreneurs who are enabling women to achieve full economic equality, strengthen their families and communities, and benefit equitably from economic growth.

Three prizes, each totalling US $25,000 in unrestricted funding, will be awarded to the winning entries. The deadline for entering is November 6, 2013.

“Ashoka has a long history of expertise in sourcing social innovations that promote economic empowerment and gender equality,” said Ashoka Arab World Regional Director, Iman Bibars. “We are thrilled to be partnering with GE to bring these two critical challenges together and leverage our strong networks in the MENA region to support women’s economic equality.”

Participants in the online competition have the opportunity to engage with the Changemakers community, which includes social entrepreneurs from around the world, impact partners, sector experts, and potential investors. Additional information about entering the competition, plus guidelines and assessment criteria, can be found at www.changemakers.com/MENAwomen

Featured Image: "Women in Abu Dhabi against the backdrop of the Emirates Palace" -  JakeBrewer via Compfight cc