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HiT Barcelona es el encuentro mundial que, a lo largo de dos días, reúne a líderes empresariales,

The business model of FONDESURCO is a solution for the problems to access finance and development

Despite the fact that agribusiness appears unattractive to the traditional financial system due t

We offer venture capital for SMEs.

A SUPERA Invest é um fundo que buscará recursos para investir em empresas constituídas em no máxi

Fundo de investimento voltado para a aquisição de participação acionária minoritária em empresas

A Fairplace é a primeira plataforma "peer-to-peer lending" do Brasil, um conceito inovador que po

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By organizing and federating the unorganized carpet weaving micro entrepreneurs into a producer c

Providing financing for renewable energy /energy efficiency solution

The understanding and implementation of a good corporate governance framework presents SMEs a str

An investment and financial vehicle between public and private investors to provide an intermedia

CREA trains and advises low-income women, who own microenterprises in rural communities to grow t

The E+Co Enterprise Development Services (EDS) Program provides training and skills development t

The National SME Assistance Centre (NASAC) will mainly provide technical assistance to SMEs by ad

Inovar is a program created to develop the seed industry and venture capital in Brazil.

SGB Network is a coaching and SME advocacy program targeting new businesses that have seen modera

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An innovative concept combining trade and foreign relations using new working methods within busi

ShoreCap uses a capital-plus approach to scale access to finance for underserved SME entrepreneur

La estrategia de expansión añadiendo nuevas zonas vecinas, creando “Mini Agencias”, “Agencias móv