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CAPCEM SAFI will manage funds for SME under an innovative model that does not follow the traditional loan model, which has a bilateral relationship, the entrepreneur will present a unilateral investment proposal with private securities and CAPCEM will provide working capital that the entrepreneur will use in order to improve its sales and production processes

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The innovative solution will allow micro, small and medium size entrepreneurs the option to securitize private securities and use them in order to fund their companies.
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CAPCEM has been working with 98 SME and supporting indirectly 174 suppliers and producers and direclty to 119 direct beneficies at the companies. Is important to mention that indirect beneficiaries are in the range of 8192 people. The SMEs were able to generate sales for around 1,5 Million USD and income in a range of 260.000 Usd.
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Fundacion CAPCEM - Desarrollo Empresarial
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Fundacion CAPCEM - Desarrollo Empresarial



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Fundacion CAPCEM - Desarrollo Empresarial

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Av. Sanchez Lima #2658

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Non-profit/NGO/Citizen-sector Organization

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Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Less than $1 Million.

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75000 to 500000 USD

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The minimum Investment proposal that CAPCEM will fund s around 6000 Usd and the maximum is around 200.000 Usd for a short term.

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Operating for 1‐5 years

How does your proposed innovation leverage public intervention in catalyzing private SME finance?

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Informality, Lack of financial capacity, Lack of SME access to skills / knowledge / markets, Unavailability of financial products tailored to SME needs, Lack of institutional capacity of financial intermediaries, High transaction costs for financial intermediaries to serve SMEs.

If you checked any of these barriers, describe how your solution addresses them

CAPCEM took the risk of supporting companies that are not served by the traditional banking sector, which had no other options to continue operating, as some cases are not fully formalized or its assets are pledged. But they have customers and markets for its products but need working capital in order to continue meet orders and keep their employees. Also this support helps to generate social impact and improved the quality of life of its suppliers that are mainly at the base of the pyramid.

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For every dollar that CAPCEM disburse to support the SMEs, the dollar became 11 dollars. CAPCEM in 3 years providing working Capital was able to disburse more than 12 Million Dollars and benefit around 100 SME with an impact in 200 suppliers and producers.

How many firms do you expect to reach?

Currently we had worked with 98 companies. Bolivia has around 6000 SMEs nationwide. If we can get more funding we would like to reach 10% in the coming years.

What is the volume of private SME finance you aim to catalyze?

We would like to reach 600 SMEs (10 %) of the SME market in Bolivia.Currently we reached 98.

What time frame will be required to reach these targets?

We hope to reach this goal in the next 3 years. But mainly will depend on the amount of funding we can get.

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What would prevent your solution from being a success?

The amount of funding we can get in order to channelize it to the SMEs.

List all the funding sources that are required for the sustainability of this solution

International Investment Funds, Governments, International Donors. International Development Banks, private investors,

Demonstrate how your proposed solution has the capacity to graduate from dependence on public finance. What is the time frame?

CAPCEM is will launch and manage next January, a private SME investment fund that will need capital for financing and expansion. Currently CAPCEM is able to cover staff costs. As the fund will expand, additional capital will be required to support the amount of companies we aim to reach.

Demonstrate how your proposed solution will survive a potential loss of its largest private funding source

Given that CAPCEM is operating for more than 3 years and was able to grow from a unit from another foundation and now is a independent foundation. A loss in capital from a large funding source will affect in the amount of SMEs that we want to work with. The possible scenario will be that we will continue working with the current amount of companies.

Please tell us what kind of partnerships, if any, could be critical to the greater success and sustainability of your innovation

Will be important to find partnerships and work with International organizations that work on the same areas but on a bigger scale. CAPCEM can be an interesting partner to channelize funds and receive economic benefits and social impact from a developing country like Bolivia. CAPCEM can offer them the assessment and knowledge core to identify SME that need working capital to grow and develop productive areas in Bolivia

Are there non-financial issues that could threaten the sustainability of your proposed solution?

As in any other country, can exist policies and attitudes from the government that can affect the work of a foundation. But CAPCEM is working on the same issues that the current government is willing to work. Also the know –how developed from the experiences and initiatives that developed CAPCEM´s business model, give the management the experience and knowlledge to focus the business on particular areas like the agribusiness.

Please tell us if your proposed solution aims to scale up through a high growth sector, expand immediately to multiple sectors, and/or scale up geographically

CAPCEM tiene el mandato de trabajar solo con PyMEs, debido a su experiencia previa se ha demostrado que son el motor de crecimiento en el pais y su impacto puede ayudar a erradicar la pobreza y mejorar la calidad de vida de muchas personas, entre productores, proveedores y clientes finales.