enhance Entrepreneurship spilit

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enhance Entrepreneurship spilit

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through the work of SYEA to stimulate entrepreneurship and published in Syria it makes several programs:
SYEA Ventures:is a national program that support the implementation of prominent of smaal and meduim business ideas in syria.
meet with the entrepreneurs: SYEA take a sucessful story of young entrepreneurs who suceeded in his business and want to share his experience with others.

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unique thing in our work is the definition of entrepreneurship and dissemination and this helps to increase the country's economy and reducing unemployment, leading to self-sufficiency of the country in addition to network of relations of the Assembly to help these people
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the syea job fair featuring a unique opportunity to leading local and iternational companies to get in direct contact with experienced and fresh graduates seeking to pursue job opportunities in different specialization.
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011- 2247532

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damascus- Almarje sequare- Al fayhaa building

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Non-profit/NGO/Citizen-sector Organization

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Middle East and North Africa.

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Less than $1 Million.

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Fewer than 5.

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we dont provide loans we give grand 60000$ to establish new business after business plan compition.

What stage is your solution in?

Operating for more than 5 years

How does your proposed innovation leverage public intervention in catalyzing private SME finance?

By raising the skills of people in the writing of the business plan and sufficient consideration to the study of the project leading to a decrease in failure rate when establishing the project and the ideas are addressed to the requirements of the market

What barriers does your proposed solution address?

Lack of SME access to skills / knowledge / markets.

If you checked any of these barriers, describe how your solution addresses them

Entrepreneurs have no idea for the management of their project in terms of financial or operational and we are working to develop their skills and knowledge and empower them to identify the market through a network of our knowledge

Provide empirical evidence of your proposed solution's success/impact at present. If your project is in the idea phase, please provide evidence that speaks to its potential impact

We have no evidence and realistic phenomenon, but we have a list of 3 projects in Syria, but no measures of social development and in the future we will try to adjust the performance measurement of the Assembly in the community

How many firms do you expect to reach?


What is the volume of private SME finance you aim to catalyze?

We contribute in supporting the skills, knowledge and capacity building
We do not give loans.

What time frame will be required to reach these targets?


Does your solution seek to have an impact on public policy?


What would prevent your solution from being a success?

govermental procedures, metality of people, Corporate contributions and donations.

List all the funding sources that are required for the sustainability of this solution

Office expenses are covered by the members' fees or for projects are covered each project by a group of sponserships.

Demonstrate how your proposed solution has the capacity to graduate from dependence on public finance. What is the time frame?


Demonstrate how your proposed solution will survive a potential loss of its largest private funding source

as SYEA don't give loans tries to aware entrepreneurs to take advantage of existing sources such as banks,investors, friends and relatives.
and the process of manage the risk of project as an enterpreneur can work to return the money taken

Please tell us what kind of partnerships, if any, could be critical to the greater success and sustainability of your innovation

the partnership will be with all stake holders including government, young people, international organization, othe NGOs, companies.

Are there non-financial issues that could threaten the sustainability of your proposed solution?

govermental procedures, mentality of our target group, Corporate contributions .

Please tell us if your proposed solution aims to scale up through a high growth sector, expand immediately to multiple sectors, and/or scale up geographically

In the area of development we seek to develop in the area of business, hoping to be a consultative status.
As for the geographical spread, our goal is to spread out in all syrian provinces.