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SoSIn Shop base business idea store relies on the need for customers to buy quality goods as cheaply, and without spending too much time. Opposing this view is an attempt sellers who want to make their products / services are sold as more expensive, and without spending a lot of funds to, information, education and winning customers.

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Sosa's Shop is an innovative idea the new approach to meeting customers' need for information on reasonable and the requested products / services. Sosa's store at the same time as an idea, with its innovative approach allows bidders to your products / services to make accessible to users, comparatively cheaper than the competition. Sosa's store low cost advertising and engagement bidder, and increasing the social orientation of economic entities and make them socially responsible. According to realize human users access and trade provides a new social positive characters, and Sosa's Shop provides a profit.
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Sosa's store is in its essence and socjalno just a concept that lets users know the best products and services. In this way, Sosa's shop fits in with the efforts of state bodies and institutions to reduce monopoly and illegal competition in the market. At the same time political, financial and any other support such a concept the actors on the social scene shown in the most positive light and provides a real credibility to their efforts to reduce poverty and support the most vulnerable, while also enabling the development and operations of business entities that comply with all the social, economic and legal norms.
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SoSIn Shop
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SoSIn Shop

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Belgrade, Serbien and Eastern Europe or any other city and the region where the implementation

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to start you need to invest about USD 30-40000. Costs related to the lease, making the necessary software and hardware procurement

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Operating for less than a year

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Sosa's store is designed as an idea is March 2008. year, the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, the idea was revived as a project in the specialization and the need to create the final work in the framework of projects for the establishment and management of small and medium businesses. So far, presented many important economic and social organizations and individuals. First he made a business plan-BP and made presentations, and the relevant professional and eminent Belgrade FON committee defended as a topic in the final work of the specialization of management for small business.
The idea of Sosa's store several times with his public defense of publishing the relevant educational institution to indirectly protected by copyright. The current market research indicates that now is the perfect time for placement of this idea. Currently the idea of participating in the competition for the best technological innovation NTI2010 organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. NTI2010 competition provides a symbolic award, promotion and public certificate. We believe that incentive in the form of minimum investment, ensures the implementation in full of interest and satisfaction of all.

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Lack of collateral, Lack of financial capacity, Specific barriers to fragile and weak states.

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The idea went to the second round for the best innovative idea the best technological innovation NTI2010 in Serbia.

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in each region by one successful

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Only one, but committed to the success of!

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At this time impossible to answer.

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At this time impossible to answer.

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All serious, interested partners are bold welcome!

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It is advisable to begin to have the ability to communicate in Serbian, but not necessarily.

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proposed solution is aimed to start its activities and to survive!