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Our Team

We’ve taken many different paths to Changemakers, but we share a common purpose: to make social change happen and have fun while we’re doing it.

The Ashoka Changemakers® team works from locations around the world including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, England, Senegal, India, and Indonesia.

We also have a variety of internship positions available each semester.

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Experience Design

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What kind of people are we? Our Changemakers team culture is:


  • to social change / the world’s changemakers
  • to open sourcing / an open platform


Sharp intellect
We apply a unique lens to social innovation trends.
Inquisitive: we dig deep into engagement with our partners and the other members of our community.

Innovative, creative, visionary
We envision new ways to build and serve markets. We look to the future and try to get there ASAP.
We believe there is a solution, even if we don’t know the answer just yet.

We work together as a versatile team of teams to create something bigger and better than we could alone.
We bring partners and innovators together to open source and crowd source a world of innovative ideas.

Ambitious, disruptive, skeptical, self-aware
We challenge the status quo through constant iteration—defining and redefining.
We run a skunkworks, constantly prototyping and accepting occasional failure as the price of creative success.
We give ourselves permission to take on the impossible.

Fearless, resilient, confident
We’re still here, taking chances and risks on big new things. Doesn’t faze us!

Authentic, trusting, loyal, compassionate
We give each other the benefit of the doubt and suspend disbelief to build team cohesion and paddle in the same direction.

Quirky, playful
Our days with colleagues include coffee club, daily memes, a love/hate relationship with jargon, social-happy hour, and cheese parties.

We work together from North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, building grassroots strategies that fit our diverse cultures, mobilizing, and connecting ideas and resources from all over the world.