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Nueva Empresa is an efficient database integration and creation system for the informal sector of

Giving inner-city youth the opportunity to participate in club athletics and assisting them in at

Victorious Kings and Queens is about treating yourself like a gem and royalty and being a conquer

This venture will identify unique individual and connect him or her with others.

Through this venture we strive to bring about a positive change in India and subsequently the wor

#EndTheStigma will reduce the social stigma surrounding mental illness and provide a platform of

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Find your roommate they way you want him/her to be. Happy Finding!!

mECG is an effort to transform rural healthcare by bringing technology in its best form to ones w

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SILVR is a VR education platform that immerses students in cinematic, interactive experiences.

Summer Jobs in Los Angeles for at-risk youth will help decrease violent crime rates.

Mobile application the formulates recipes and provides groceries for pickups.

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Moneta helps users deposit cash into their bank account, from anywhere at any time, without going

Providing smallholder farmers affordable transportation so they can access basic life needs, incl

80% of villages in Lombok still have no access to clean & safe water.

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Voluntary Bad unite global screen printers to make t-shirt production local, learn new skills to

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Mental Health is often a taboo topic in Africa, yet millions are impacted by trauma.

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Promovemos la cultura del reciclaje de todo tipo de residuos que se generan a diario por medio de

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When cyclists meet urban gardening, when hackers collaborate with artists, when photographers sha

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Ipharm is a pharmacy location application.

Habitat loss is one of the greatest threats to biodiversity and wildlife.