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CoderDojo : Open Free Learning For Young People

United StatesDublin, Ireland
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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CoderDojo is a global movement of coding clubs. Young people aged between 7 and 17 learn how to code, develop websites, apps, games and more, in a social, collaborative learning environment. CoderDojo is seeding the next skilled generation.

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Every child has the opportunity to learn how to code in a collaborative space, just imagine what could be built and what social problems could s
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Children are not being given the opportunity to learn how to code! In the USA, less than 2.4% of students graduate with a computer science degree. In Europe, computer science has a higher drop out rate than any other 3rd level degree. CoderDojo coding clubs are not simply addressing the global skills gap at its root cause but through Dojos children are developing creative, practical and logical problem-solving skills.

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CoderDojo! CoderDojo is an inclusive movement that aims to give every child the opportunity to learn code in a safe and collaborative environment. Run by volunteers emphasis is put on collaborative learning and coding for good. We support volunteers to set up a Dojo in their area tackling the root cause of the skills gap.
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CoderDojo has made an impact on thousands of children's lives around the world. One example was a shy teenage boy who joined his local Dojo when he moved to a new town. After only a few months not only had built an app that went to number 1 in the App store but he had gained confidence, friends and was passing this one by mentoring new Dojo attendees. This is just one of thousands examples of children who have gained far more than a 21st century skill by going to a Dojo.

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There are now over 340 Dojos around the world spread across 38 countries running clubs either weekly, bi weekly or monthly. These clubs are reaching over 12,000 children on a regular basis.

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Primarily we are scaling CoderDojo through strategic partnerships. Our most recent partnership was with the US State Department to launch CoderDojo in Africa. The model is open source and we have all the information to set up a club available online. This has enabled the movement to scale rapidly.

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CoderDojo is the only open source (FREE!) organisations addressing this problem. Dojos are open to all children (above 7) and not a subset of children. Although there are some organisations addressing the skills gap as CoderDojo however none of them are open source or have the global reach that CoderDojo does.

Founding Story

After recognizing that James Whelton (founder) could grow CoderDojo if he had financing to develop resources and actively support the community. He decided to establish the Hello World Foundation. HWF is just 1 year old and already we are having a huge impact.


James Whelton - Founder Eugene Mcdonough - COO Giustina Mizzoni - Development Manager Ben Chapman - Resource Development
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The Hello World Foundation

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, Dublin

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The Foundation is supported by philanthropic donations and awards. This small budget supports the team who in turn support Dojos starting up. We are exploring ways to make us less dependant on donations including partnerships with corporates for awarding belts and badges to children and sponsorship of our two global annual events DojoCon and Coolest Projects.

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We partner with corporates who are passionate about teaching the next generation of creators. These corporates donate their space and talent to run Dojos. We form these partnerships through building brand awareness and creating inbound opportunities and secondly through identifying like minded corporates and approaching them directly.

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GitHub, Microsoft, Salesforce, Google all run Dojos in their offices.
Liberty Global became out first corporate donor early in 2014.

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