Dec. 12 Twitter Chat: The Overhead Myth & Investing in People

Dec. 12 Twitter Chat: The Overhead Myth & Investing in People

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The Talent Challenge:

Investing in People for Impact

Twitter chat with us and our expert panel:

Jamie Smith
Executive Director, Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN)  

Luzette Jaimes
Director, Learning & Development, Ashoka

December 12, 2016

1 p.m. EDT

In the social purpose and nonprofit sector, people are really our bottom line. How do we confront the “overhead” dilemma
and other hurdles to create a culture that invests in finding and developing people for maximum impact?

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Quick Guide to our Questions

Today's chat is aims to explore challenges in social enterprise and start-ups and in the nonprofit sector. We welcome all perspectives and ideas/solutions, and invite you to ask questions of each other. Please share stories and concrete examples wherever possible.

Q1: What are the biggest challenges you face in creating a culture of talent/leadership development? #amexleads
 - All insights wanted! There are mindset/culture change challenges, creating an environment that's open to feedback & development, concrete issues like resources (time, funds, etc).

Q2: What are some of the most innovative & exciting ways you’ve seen organizations and innovators do this well? #amexleads #overheadmyth
  (Please share specific stories, name names!)

Q3: Finding the right supports, trainings, coaches is key. How do you do this? Who decides what staff need & can access? #amexleads

Q4: How do you know when you’re doing professional & talent development well?
  What do you measure, share?

Q5: What helps you make the case for investing in people? (Pls share tips and tactics for specific audiences/decisionmakers.) #amexleads