Kevin Davies

“If you create something to delight a specific audience, then they are going to become advocates who are going to be better at converting the laggards than you ever will be.”

Kevin Davies is the ambitious leader of Green Start, an organization that provides personal impact reports based on conscious recycling collection in order to empower recyclers with information about the positive impact their good stewardship has had on the environment. By fulfilling the desire of its audience to feel healthy, empowered and engaged in the environmental movement, Green Start is able to keep existing recyclers involved while turning them into advocates that evangelize for the cause.


Having begun Green Start at just 17 years of age, one of the biggest challenges Kevin faced in acquiring sustainable funding was the conceptions potential funders had of a 17 year-old’s capability to run an organization. In response to these preconceived notions, Kevin recognized the need to use an emotional appeal that would change this projected narrative. Kevin developed his personal story in order to build his investor’s faith in him and his vision.


But there’s even more to Kevin than his passion for Green Start—he’s also passionate about design! In fact, he has had photos published in Vogue Italia and has done freelance creative directing and styling for fashion photographer, Jared Bautista.


To learn more about Kevin’s many talents, his advice for starting and sustaining a social enterprise, and what he wishes he knew when he was younger, check out his podcast above!