Re-imagine Learning Challenge Hangout with 3 Players to Watch

Re-imagine Learning Challenge Hangout with 3 Players to Watch

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A lot of time is spent discussing why education reform is important and why more playful learning methodologies benefit students. Not enough time, in our opinion, is spent talking about how parents, educators, administrators, and even students, can both re-imagine learning and implement smarter curriculums for better academic and social outcomes.

To discuss the “how,” and offer tips to aspiring learning innovators, we’ll chat with the three Players to Watch, chosen by the LEGO Foundation and Ashoka in the Re-imagine Learning Challenge:

Alison Naftalin, the founder of Lively Minds, which provides a structured curriculum of play to mothers in Ghana and Uganda, who serve as early childhood educators for children beyond the reach of formal education systems.

Amalia Insani, who works with Tanoker Ledokombo in Indonesia, a youth-organized community which is designed to promote peace and conflict resolution, while also reinforcing local pride and boosting tourism to rural Java.

And Natalia Duarte, a staff member at Re-creo mi Colegio in Colombia, taking recess time as an opportunity to engineer solutions to school challenges through game play.

These Players to Watch will join Ashoka’s Tim Scheu (as host and moderator) in a Google+ Hangout on July 2, 2014, at 10:30 a.m. (EDT), in an effort to explain how entrepreneurs are creating widespread impact by using play and creativity to transform learning for young people.

Tune in to hear each of these innovators share their stories from the field and learn more about how the communities in which they operate have reacted to their new takes on education.


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[Photo courtesy of Lively Minds]