Anbarasi social Action

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Anbarasi social Action: Need of boys dormitory

Dindigul, IndiaDindigul, India
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$100,000 - $250,000
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In january 2014 CWC stated that we should have separate boy,s dormitory. We are suppose to build by April if not,We should send the boys out of home who are above 10 years.We dont want to send them because we want to provide good education so that their future will not affected.

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We will highly inspired if the project get approved and we get the fund for building boys dormitory which will make them happy.
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we have a land of about 5000 sqft for constructing boy's dormitory.we have a some local donor who will help us in getting the materials for the same.we are trying to get more donors to support the upcoming building.
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we donot want to leave the children in half way of education in which they neither can lead their life nor job where they can able to get it.

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If the project is successful Anbarasi children will have a safe and secured life till they complete their education.Without education our childrens will have tough time in understanding the society

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If the boys dormitory is completed the Anbarasi children will stay back in home will complete their studies and will have safe and secured life.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

we have financial support from the local donors, volunteers who friends and relatives.we are trying to collect materisals like cement ,brick and sand we dont collect as money .

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At present both boy's and girls are staying together in the same campus but according to goverment rule they are suppose to stay in different campus. so we are trying to build a boy's dormitory

Founding Story

As Anbarasi was started by FR.Mariyadass who started with his own money and he started raising fund from the local donor even during that period, only materials was collected like food provision,dress materials,bedsheet present local donors helping in bringing up the child they support both in food and education.


Anbarasi is a team of volunteers who are the board members who helps in developing the home in which major donor are local people of dindigul where the home is residing. The volunteer helps in coaching higher secondary students which will help in getting good marks.There are volunteers to take care of childrens in their day today life.
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Anbarasi social Action
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Anbarasi social Action

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, TN, Dindigul

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, TN, Dindigul

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Friends and family, Individuals, Customers.


Anbarasi social action has been awarde one of fittest home in dindigul.

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As per govt rules we are pressured to build boy's hostel seperately otherwise our children will be moved from Anbarasi


friends and family members are working together to bring project successfully which will safeguard children's life

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We are need improvement in raising fund which will help in this project.

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