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LifeStor Digital Story Archive: A safe place to store, share and cherish important moments in your life

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$100,000 - $250,000
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LifeStor Digital Storytelling Archive beautifully curates the important stories that have touched our lives. It helps to us enjoy our achievements and find happiness and contentment in our lives.

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What if we could see everyone's stories from their point of view?
About Project

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Everyone needs a way to express their life. Violence among children and youth is a problem worldwide. Every day 227 children and youth aged 0-19 die as a result of interpersonal violence. Evidence shows that preschool enrichment and social development programmes which target children early in life can prevent aggression, improve social skills, boost educational achievement and improve job prospects.

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Lifestor is a digital story archive to help storytellers of any age recognise that their lives are important. The digital aspect allows global delivery and sharing of the service. Storytelling has been used since language began to impart knowledge in a memorable way. Children in particular respond to learning in this way. Coupling storytelling with SEL (social and emotional learning) allows users enjoy the benefit from LifeStor's storytelling archive. Memories and stories are securely archived so user's can revisit their achievements and grow their stories by collaborating and saving for future generations.
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My childhood was sprinkled with my mothers magic. This project is based on the imaginative play she developed with my children. One weekend she was minding my kids, when I came to collect them they told me they had been at McDonalds. I was horrified! The kids explained later that it was an imaginary trip. Mum made it real by getting the McDonald bags, toys hats in advance and replaced the food with her own so they could tell their friends they had been there. I believe grandparents can have a special role in grandchildren's lives by handing on knowledge through experience. This will encourage intercultural and intergenerational understanding.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

The National Institute of Play was founded by Dr Stuart Brown to study & bring the benefits of play in public life. He has interviewed 8,000 people about their childhoods and his data suggests that a lack of opportunities for unstructured, imaginative play can keep children from growing into happy, well-adjusted adults. “Free play,” as scientists call it, is critical for becoming socially adept adults, coping with stress and building cognitive skills. Research into animal behaviour confirms play’s benefits and establishes its evolutionary importance. Combining storytelling with play creates powerful learning tools (Drs DeRosier & Mercer, 2007). Improving student behavior: Through a story telling education programme in 1975 students in grade K2,3-5 found significant improvement in social behaviour. LifeStor's storytelling platform will use this knowledge.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

LifeStor is a positive social network archive, it can globally create societal change. It is a support resource for health and education. To create initial impact we are beginning with children. Encouraging grandparents to volunteer to help with this project within the school system begins a new way for families to be involved in education. LifeStor gives people a voice and safely captures our social history. With permission this data can be harvested for research. Research into the physiological responses to recording stories/memories may prove the positive impact of this exercise.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

Lifestor a for-profit social enterprise to create change, as such has no exit. Company profits support storytellers in adverse conditions and research. We seek safe equity and are planning to use crowdfunding to generate 200K startup funds. We are a service company and use a varied user cost subscription model. Shortly we will add an ecommerce site to help our storytellers to use their curated stories to create their own bespoke products.

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Our competition is, Dropbox and Shutterfly. We shall be a global social platform but there is where the similarly ends. Our mission is People first creates societal change. We are a empathic, ethical and trustworthy company striving to gain the trust of storytellers. We see the way forward through collaboration and partnering with other bodies to exchange and share data for the greater good. We believe we are developing an untapped market and hope this will allow us to scale rapidly. What makes us different is we are safeguarding a live social history bank for the future.

Founding Story

Through my work I increasingly became aware that my design training didn't equip me to solve some of the problems that my clients were asking of me. It interested me that they seemed to be based around memories, stories etc While I designed a home for some Magdalene Women in Dublin city I had a nagging feeling I hadn't completed an important aspect of the job. Discussing with the women what they wanted in their new home, they all began with the words" The reason I'm here" and it was odd. It took me some time to work out that what they needed was a way to tell their story, so they could move on with their lives. It struck me that everyone needs a simple, safe way to tell their story. It's the missing piece of the jigsaw of our lives.


I am the sole founder of LifeStor and have been researching and developing an MVP since 2012 full time. We are a lean team at present to give project every chance of success; Freelance CTO John Chambers and Mentor Dermot Casey, Near Future Dublin. We are continuing to built up a network of contacts throughout universities, IT's and other businesses networks, so that when we are ready to scale we will use these contacts. Member of IC4. Dublin
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LifeStor Media Ltd
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LifeStor Media Ltd

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, WORLD WIDE, World wide

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, DB, Dublin

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Friends and family, Individuals, Foundations, Businesses, Regional government, National government, Customers, Other.


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6 - 12, 13 - 17, 18 - 35, 35+.

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Putting Children in Charge: Giving children a voice and cultivating agency via experiential learning, project-based learning, and civic engagement.

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Whole child development is undervalued: Essential parts of development get left behind as children get older, such as healthy habits, executive function, and social and emotional learning.


Lifestor is an safe online personal sharable archive, we would like to partner with groups that would be interested in our tools

What key learning outcomes does your work seek to improve?

!. Storytelling makes learning fun and easier to remember.
2. Builds empathy
3. Easy to review achievements in life
4. Develops intergenerational learning and respect
5. Storytelling in a secure place can unburden and allow people move on with their life.
6. Family, tribe & community storytelling helps with the understanding of heritage and where we are from, this helps with esteem in school and later life.

Secondary Form
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Digital Story Archive in the form of an online web platform which allows for sharing and collaboration. Delivered through the school system, always-on platform used within school hours.

INSPIRATION: What do you consider the most important trends or evidence that inspire you to believe the world is ready to Re-imagine Learning? Please elaborate.

The adoption of digital resources in learning has opened the doors for an exponential increase in exciting, new and innovative learning tools. Online collaboration and sharing is at our fingertips. global potential

LEARNING THROUGH PLAY: What does “learning through play” mean to you and why it is a must-have, instead of a nice to have?

Play at an early age is an essential tool for the development of social and emotional intelligence. Evidence shows that preschool enrichment and social development programmes which target children early in life can prevent aggression, improve social skills, boost educational achievement and improve job prospects. We are also looking at using crowdfunding as a means of safe funding and project validation and growing our user base.

SUSTAINABILITY: Please list a quick breakdown of your funding, indicating the percentage that comes from each source.

We are pre start up and seeking funding, We are preparing an application for funding from European Union Horizon 2020 SME Instrument programme If we are successful, fund 50K for initial research and proof of concept demo as our project falls within their criteria. Looking at crowdfunding option

MODEL: How does your mission relate to your business model (i.e. Non-profit, for-profit or hybrid)?

LifeStor's mission is to serve its customers, being a for profit social enterprise is, we believe key to help storytellers understand that we are a trustworthy secure company. Our profits are used to innovate, to research and provide a service to storytellers who could not access service otherwise. We are passionate to create societal change.

FUNDING PRIORITIES: If your organization were given $20K in unrestricted funding today, how would you use it? Why?

I have supported the company to date from a very small inheritance from my mother. The $20K would be carefully spent on developing the back end of the web platform and supports services so that we could begin to offer our service.

PARTNERSHIPS: Tell us about your partnerships that enhance your approach.

We have as yet developed no partnerships but are members of, Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce which allows us to access research and in time be part of research in this area ( This is quite unusual for a start up company. We are beginning to make important industry connections through this membership.

COLLABORATIONS: Have you considered or initiated partnerships with any of the other Challenge Pacesetters? If so, please share.

We have talked with Project Starfish America Subhashish Acharya and would like to partner when we are up and running.
Also Pat Pinciotti of C.R.E.A.T.E, Ann Glick of One Globe kids, Ikedoos, when we are set up they might use our safe archive. We have received positive feedback from other projects.

VISION: If you had unlimited funding, and you could fast forward 15 years to when your program has been able to achieve wild success - what will it have achieved?

The platform has scaled sufficiently to have expanded across the world. Children talk about LifeStor as if it was always there and find it hard to understand their parents didn't have a way to express and capture their lives easily. The children are empowered and empathic. Money and violence are diminishing problems. We have global memory gardens, with cultural heritage centres to understand where we physically came from.

IMPACT - KEY METRICS: Please list the key data points that you would cite as evidence that you are able to achieve lasting learning outcomes. Please also share one data point for which you most hope to see better results over time

We are between idea and startup this competition has been a tremendous help in clarifying next steps and helping with 'the problem"

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Not Applicable - yet! (we are at the idea stage or start-up)

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Fewer than 10

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Fewer than 10

APPROACHES: Given the complexity of play, it is not surprising that there have been numerous research attempts to categorize the different types and approaches! Please indicate which of the following your project focuses on.

Symbolic Play, Pretence/ Socio-Dramatic Play, Creating a Supportive Socio-Emotional Environment, Adults Participating (Ensuring adults are able to play alongside children), Challenging Play (play that disrupts - where rules are disregarded and levels of imagination are high).

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