Parisar Asha

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Parisar Asha : Environmental Studies Approach to Learning

Mumbai, IndiaMumbai, India
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$100,000 - $250,000
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Parisar Asha, Environmental Education Centre, Mumbai has introduced a revolutionary concept of ESAL to the education world.

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We have 21st century education technology with an environmental attitude for a sustainabile future.
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The purpose of education can be summarized into three operative words- creativity, health and harmony of the individual and the universe. But sadly, it has lost its objective and path and strayed into wilderness. Thus Education, especially Quality education in Indian schools; both private and government has been a subject of concern over several decades.

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ESAL (Environmental Studies Approach towards learning) is a problem solving alternative to the cramming of meaningless facts. It offers the student and teacher a means of Growth in Knowledge, Learning skills, attitudes and values. It promotes an awareness and understanding of the environment, one’s relationship to it, and the concern and responsible action necessary to assure our survival, to preserve traditional assets, physical, intellectual, social & cultural-and improve quality of life. In this approach, every child feels he is a part education.
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Rajesh from a poor slum is a first generation learner from Mumbai was a very bright, intelligent and very eager to learn. But sadly, his thirst for learning was not quenched at all. He started bunking and his attendance became a major issue, soon he became restless and disruptive. His behaviour was turning into deliquency Punishments from teachers and parents had little effect on him. He was seriously delibrating to drop out of the school. A stroke of luck came his way. The school adopted Parisar Asha. It's methodology of involving learner at every step, stimulating a child's mind by posing provocative open-ended questions and providing challenging games leading to discovery made a life-changing difference in the life of Rajesh .

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ESAL Approach was evaluated by the third party assessment body. The baseline and the endline test proved ESAL intervention was the result of remarkable improvement. The astounding result reinforces the validity of this methodology. We have adopted and transformed over 300 schools all over India. When students from Tribal, Rural, Municipal and Unaided schools express verbally about their joy while following Parisar Asha Methodology. Even teachers expressing their satisfaction while being a part of Parisar Asha family. Right from the inception of Parisar Asha, with great zeal and enthusiasm we have travelled length and breadth of India. In this journey we have transformed over 300 Aided/Unaided English medium schools, School transformation of 312 BMC schools under Urban Primary Education for all (1991-96), we have undertaken Pilot project for 30 Public Sector schools (BMC)(1986-90).

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Sheer size of India is one of our biggest challenges, to add to it is its diversity and pluralistic nature. Every state, every district is diverse in its culture, custom, language, religion, climate, food habits, etc. Our latest ‘Eco-Tech World School Programme is an ideal system of education whereby we upgrade the school in the areas of Creativity, Healthy Harmony and Future of an individual and of the Environment. We have designed many training modules and enrichment workshops to enhance the life skills of the students to be positive world citizen.

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Parisar Asha’s presence in this field for past 32 years is a shining example of Self-sustainable project. Parisar Asha is not for profit making NGO. Our conservative price is affordable to almost all schools across India. The schools from any part of India can adopt our transformation programme as it is very cost effective. Also through our training modules to the corporate we raise fund for absolutely marginalized section; we approach corporate, for subsidizing the cost and other NGOs to partner with us in our cause. We are also open for partnering with any individual, group or companies whoever believes in our cause. We are participating in NGO exhibitions, approaching people, companies, corporate to build relationship, increase visibility and by working relentlessly.

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We are one of the very few self-sustaining NGOs where we create our resource through various projects for various sections of the society. By participating iin various exhibitions, projects, with the help of technology we are constantly trying to be in hearing and vision range of the people to enable us to partner with the like-minded people/sector to bring in change to make the world a better place. We have noticed that, In spite of providing joyful learning system at a very nominal cost to the schools, many schools find it difficult because their students come from the extremely lower income

Founding Story

After late Gloria desouza's return from US, she witnessed the stark difference between 2 education systems. She complained about India's poor education system. During her journey while helping a little bright but lesser privileged boy asked her to be her teacher; at that point, one of the priests asked her a life-changing question, "Will you give up your lucarative job to teach deprived children?" Without even blinking her eyes, she said, "Yes, I will."Thus began the journey of Parisar Asha, India’s finest Environmental Education Centre. It is to motivate to learn, to boost student’s creativity and problem-solving capacity, and faith in India.


Ms. Aarati Savur, CEO, Parisar Asha has taken Parisar Asha to newer and greater heights to achieve all the aims laid down by our late founder. She has introduced many interesting, interactive and relevant projects to generate revenue to further our cause. Ms. Savur has a team of 50 educationists who are full-timers, part-timers, freelancers and volunteers.They are experienced; few are national and international award-winning talented teachers.
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Parisar Asha
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Parisar Asha

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More than 5 years

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, MM, Mumbai

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, MM, Mumbai

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Late Ms. Gloria de Souza was the first Ashoka Fellow

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Foundations, NGOs, Businesses, Other.


Late Ms. Gloria de Souza was the first Ashoka Fellow

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1.5 - 3, 3 - 5, 6 - 12.

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Whole child development is undervalued: Essential parts of development get left behind as children get older, such as healthy habits, executive function, and social and emotional learning.


Providing low-cost quality education is a burning need of a country like India.


Content developed by Parisar Asha can be effectively used by anyone who is in the field of education.

What key learning outcomes does your work seek to improve?

Parisar Asha's intervention will primarily help a child to remain a child. His development will be beyond achieving numeracy and literacy skills. He will be a curious child, an effective communicator, a brilliant decision maker, will develop proper attitudes and values. He will have tremendous respect for his environment be it natural and man-made. His sel-esteem, self-confidence and self-image will remain high. In short, he will be a health, happy, contributing young citizen of the world.

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