StoryLand Teachers-Special School Maca Ovcharova

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StoryLand Teachers-Special School Maca Ovcharova: Life adventures through Storytelling

Veles, MacedoniaVeles, Macedonia
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$1,000 - $10,000
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We promote the interactive method of learning through drama and play for children with special educational needs, at the age of 6-12 years. Almost, 10 years we develop this method and we achieve significant results in the areas of behavior, knowledge,psycho motor development and inclusion.

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How the learning can be fun, creative and applicable in practice?
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Learning through drama creates experience of children with special needs in everyday life. Those children think and learn in a concrete way. The drama method allows simulation of realistic situations, learning the roles and correct social behavior. Our team offers a range of innovative and creative ideas to address the developmental and educational problems, designed for educators,rehabilitators and parents of children with special needs.

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Our method is promoted among professionals through multilingual blog and social networking profile. Also, we have participated in several national and regional conferences. Life adventures through Storytelling is a unique and innovative because besides the basic drama techniques, it contains planned structured inclusive séances and exercises for psycho-motor reeducation. The stories that are dramatized by the children are new, innovative and designed for separate aspect of the development. The promotional printed materials need to be translated into several languages, quality to be printed and promote. All promotional materials will be posted online and will be a treasure trove for the professional experts, parents and children.
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Due to the lack of adequate literature for the children with special educational needs, we as a team of special educators have created simple stories and applied them in the educational process. Along with the children and parents we achieved prevention of the violent behavior among students in our school, development of tolerance, friendship among students of different ethnic backgrounds. Then this method we developed to more areas-social, emotional, cognitive, motor and speech development. We were invited to to more conferences to present our method and the results achieved. Each year we enrich the method more and make videos that we observed and later we upgrade their capacity.

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Active participators in the drama play so far are over 250 children with special needs, aged 6-12 years, who attend special school or they are included in the regular school The families of more than 250 children are actively involved by helping in making props, lyrics, and scene costumes, Team of three special educators represent this method to other professionals and parents, through the participation of over 15 national and regional conferences The team makes dissemination of the method in other local schools, enabling applicability of the same method in the teaching process and the extracurricular activities with children with special educational needs included in mainstream schools. Drama plays are promoted in the local community to the citizens, thus it is contributing to a more successful integration of children with special needs in the community

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

In order to spread this method at global level, requires strategy for promotion which will consist few steps: To give children opportunities to perform at international theater festivals for children with special needs. Also, there is a chance our team to organize an international theater festival for children with special needs. To print the promotional materials (CDs with exercises and games, storybooks, brochures with drama plays, guidelines for making accessories, costumes and scenes, video movies with ready drama texts), in multiple languages. The materials could be offered online.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

The project implementation requires creativity and initiative from the educators. In order, for our team to be able to participate in international conferences and festivals, we plan to create promotional materials. If we manage to get the initial funding award, we will be able to print and publish the materials.This material we will offer for sale online. This will provide us resources for educational innovation, better drama games and materials

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In the basic of the other proposals is the game as a foundation for overcoming the racism and ethnic conflicts among young people. Some projects use an innovative game to promote sustainable development. Our method differs from others, because it is a combination of drama plays, psycho motor reeducation and sensor and motor stimulation.Into it, the children with special needs are direct participants along with friends from regular schools. In this way,besides the development of the child, it also affects to the inclusion of the children in the society.It is applicable in different environments

Founding Story

We are team of three special educators who work with children with special needs,aged 6-12 years.We have 10 years work experience. Our children have difficulties in understanding the outside world and critical thinking, behavior problems, learning and speech difficulties.They are children with pervasive developmental disorders, hyperactivity, intellectual disability and multiple disabilities.Firstly, we started quite accidentally to process education content using drama andplay.When we saw how easily children learn in this way, we decided this method to combine with special educational and rehabilitation practice.And thus we created the method Life adventures through Storytelling.Team:Tanja Bogatinova,Marija Davcevska,ZivkaPanovaSazdova


Our team has experience in project management and research. Our project will enrich the future through online promotions, and representation at international level. We would like to have an opportunity to publish the interactive CD with plays, and instructions for using this method, which could be translated into several languages, and other promotional and creative materials. As well as a chance for international drama performances.
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Through this method and the most complex reality can be divided into fundamental components, and so in a more specific and concrete way to get closer to children. Learning through drama is intended to create the experience of children with special needs in everyday life.The play raises the need to expand their knowledge beyond the limits laid down in the curriculum. Also, we are trying to encourage parents to be active participators in the development and learning of their child. We achieve significant results in the areas of knowledge, socialization, inclusion and psycho motor development.

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