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ACC/ Ouestaf

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$1,000 - $10,000
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Hamadou Tidiane Sy is developing a Pan-African corps of independent, investigative journalists to focus on a range of important public issues. This media approach is helping to redefine African journalism and has the power to positively impact the dissemination of local and regional news.

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Digitally-based news sources, such as Slate and The Huffington Post, have been successfully established in some parts of the world as alternatives to traditional news media. Rather than focus on the same topics and people, these outlets have the freedom to thoroughly investigate and follow-up on news they have covered. Tidiane recognizes the need for similar investigative journalism in Africa—by and for Africans—independent of the government and traditional news media. Dissatisfied with the system, Tidiane founded a new, region wide online news outlet—Ouestafnews—in which a corps of independent, investigative journalists report on the stories they care about without being subject to outside pressure. Tidiane believes that the key to sustainability is a commitment to high ethical standards and quality work. He focuses heavily on ensuring that the stories reported are trustworthy, fact-based, and fact-checked, to the standards of the most professional of traditional news outlets. By establishing a well-respected, reputable alternative news service, Tidiane hopes to show the world that this approach to news is both sustainable and may be done by a new generation of journalists.