Association Océanium

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Association Océanium

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Haidar El Ali has created the Oceanium, a working center in Senegal for the protection of ocean and underwater resources. Haidars approach is to advocate the sustainable management of fishing resources through the creation of several marine parks that ensure the protection of species and resources through biological rest.

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Utilizing a range of visual aids, most notably general videos he has produced, Haidar educates fishing and seaside communities about preservation of marine life in order to promote rational use of ocean resources and to fight against the various forms of ocean pollution. Fishing communities that become aware of Haidar's message understand what is at stake and join the fight against various marine environment aggressions, including cyanide and dynamite fishing. Haidar then involves these communities, as well as the wider public, in both creating and managing protected areas.The fight against all forms of marine pollution is at the core of Haidar's work. Waging a campaign against any action that could alter environmental balance, pressure groups are organized to influence public opinion and convince the relevant authorities to preserve marine biodiversity through marine parks.It is from this perspective that Haidar has urged fishing communities to exploit the correct choice of species while avoiding depleting stocks. His awareness campaigns concerning the biological rest of cymbiums in the Saloum Islands of Senegal, for example, have been met with great success, creating opportunities to develop aquaculture of commercially lucrative maritime species, like shrimp. The objective of Haidar's Marine Park Project is to create a large number of protected areas, awareness campaigns, and dissemination of information on the maritime environments and resources.