Association Partenariat École Entreprise Al Jisr

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Association Partenariat École Entreprise Al Jisr

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$1,000 - $10,000
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Mhammed Abbad Andaloussi is modernizing the educational system and linking students and graduates to the market in Morocco. He involves the business sector to improve the management and education cycle of schools by enabling them to provide higher quality market-relevant education and enables students to see the connection between continued education and professional success.

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Andaloussi initiates collaborations between the business sector, schools and their communities, and the government to improve the educational system in Morocco. He created Al Jisr (the Bridge), which seeds and nurtures these collaborations, emphasizing society's collective responsibility to enhance the educational system in Morocco. Andaloussi moves the business sector beyond charity or philanthropy to true engagement with civil society. Business organizations agree to partner with a school, providing their expertise and tools to upgrade the school's education and services and equip the students for professions and trades in an increasingly globalized market. Business leaders join with principals, teachers, students, and parents to form a School Support Committee to assess the quality of a school and remedy any shortcomings. The school community and business collaboration aims to make schools more capable of providing higher quality education that leads to change, progress, and development.