Belvárosi Tanoda Alapítvány

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Belvárosi Tanoda Alapítvány

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$1,000 - $10,000
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Edit Gyorik is combining individualized treatment with programs of academic study to accelerate young drug addicts' reentry into Hungarian society.

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Edit's approach to integrate drug rehabilitation and academics helps youth already at a distinct disadvantage get back on the proper path. Noticing the intersection between drug abuse and school attrition rates, Edit has developed a community-based approach that allows young people to overcome their drug addictions without the use of medications. By placing her model in the hands of both education and rehabilitation professionals, young people struggling with the addictions receive rehabilitation services as well as formal education. Structured as the Belvárosi Tanoda Foundation, Edit's plan combines three specialized programs to meet youth needs. The Tanoda High School offers individualized and flexible academics to bring young people up to speed in their learning. A 24-hour rehabilitation site addresses treatment needs while a 12-hour facility provides care for drug users. Edit's extensive experience has helped her develop a sustainable model, introducing new solutions to one of Hungary's growing social problems.